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I've avoided it i there was nothing on sunday nights so i watched i watched it once and that will probably be the only time i watch it only because i i can't stand the kennedy family i can't stand the myth in the legend this family has become jfk camp camelot bobby kennedy teddy just i i think the family has always been terribly overrated in american history it's become more of a myth know the media the media worships the kennedy family i fight against that i rebel against that i i try to avoid paying too much attention to the kennedy family because of that because i think in so many ways john f kennedy and bobby kennedy and teddy kennedy were kind of fakes they were kind of frauds but i watched with my wife a little bit this past sunday and i caught the part of the kennedy history the cuban missile crisis and then the six months leading up to the assassination of jfk and then the episode ended with the assassination of bobby kennedy and i'll tell you why when you watch and you learn about president kennedy and bobby kennedy for that matter and forget about teddy but he he killed a woman ted kennedy killed a woman now i'll tell you this not to segue too far afield that they're that right there's a movie i wanna see chappaquiddick in fact i may take my wife my bride did that movie this weekend that is a movie i wanna see ted kennedy killed a woman and then he went on to become the lion of the united states senate gimme a break give me a break so i'm gonna watch chappaquiddick but.

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