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This is the before the millions podcast episode thirty four tomes homes homes home means purport ready to be the master arthitect of your life are you ready to designed were prisoners and invest the needs that create the lifestyle you've always renter too far you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success hey this derek location independent entrepreneur you're listening to the before the millions podcast the prime keno often i am an investor in you're listening to the they ford that millions podcast type airman even heather haven wet marketing coach and global entrepreneur said you try listen to the before the millions podcast pay this is mark quickly host of the seven minute men to podcast global entrepreneur and all around a geek and you listening to the befall the millions podcast i am emcee laubscher the cash flow ninja and you're listening to before the millions sport court you're listening to the vote ford though millions broadcast a whether you're looking to invest were flow build build an online business that allows you to read location independent you come to the right place mr hollywood on so presents the before the new un scott us yasser eggs now you're rose to ray pool while a year hey was sobels going our bcm community were back for another installment of the btm podcast this episode we're talking about time management so the time management aspect of transition mean to entrepreneur and we have the honour of speaking to one of the founders of screw the nine two five jill stein now screw the 95 is an online resource just in case you don't know is an online resource for those of us looking to make that transition from our unfulfilling day job tool by fulfilling entrepreneurial path that we love so jilin josh this the other half of the founding partners and also jails husband founded this platform to help those of us who are lucky to escape are dreaded day job and start maybe an online business or business outside of our 95 job so what me and jill actually discuss though because.

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