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Well, w entering your life by teaching you the financial road thiss is simply money on 700 wlw. Stop money here for just a minute. The Sibley money minutes. Nathan backtrack from all Worth Financial and Nathan, It's Ah, It's great if you can feel good about your financial future. What are some of the signs? You're headed for? Equality, retirement? Well, you're headed for a quality retirement. If you don't need an online calculator to tell you that you've already got enough, you know, grocery store math, fingers and toes will do it and you've got some idea of the expenses that are going to be ah, incurred as well as the savings you're going to need. In any season of stock market ups and downs. We often find people that are in or close to retirement. Start watching a little too much CNBC. You're well prepared. If you get the retirement and you're not looking what the stock market does every day. Of course you have those people who want to work forever. And that's wonderful. I understand that little tougher these days. Retirement is a point where work is an option, not an obligation. So instead of planning for retirement, let's plan for financial independence and independence. By the way, That's the last sign. More than half of you say that you've sacrificed your savings and order to help your adult Children. And that was a survey of other way. Take him before the pandemic. Take care of you first. All right, Simply money, boy, retire comfortably by taking care of yourself first and preparing for the unknown. Got it about 6 45 close enough. 700 wlw. We have all the other rules and regs. We gotta follow with coded somewhere recommendations. You know, you wear the mass social distancing, washing hands all the usual stuff. We've been doing it for months. And you know, as it gets colder I think it's going to be more difficult for people to go out because a lot of people, including may try to stay words, if not outdoors, in a place with Lots of ventilation. Ventilation. Well, theywant ventilation for the kids, too. It caused a problem. Apparently in Massachusetts. Their rule is kids go back to school, but because you want ventilation, the school bus windows have to be open at all times during operation. Well. On Friday, it snowed. And they were not allowed to put the windows up on the school bus. The kids on the bus have their phones. They start shooting video. A Silver Lake Middle school kids recorded What it was like on their phones. It showed snow flying through the windows into the bus. He's a 25 minute ride home with one kid. And some of the time we got home. There were no dry seats anywhere.

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