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Hello what are some a couple of things as we close out here uh just from your own experience that you've done because i think mental health in a really plays into there's a lot of people are like trying to force stuff a lot of people a trying to do stuff uh it probably not like ready ready yet like i see people though right on their on their own honor instagram that they got entrepreneur and i'm like yeah we'll just because you don't have a job at that means you're just unemployed right and that nobody wants you for anything isn't that same in your entrepreneur right um there's people that i know that our single and they're real upset about it and they want to they want to be what they want to force something that's not there i know some people in relationships that they they probably just shouldn't be at their forcing it because they w they think the opposite or they think being singles worse there's a lot of people that have a lot of anxiety today and a lot of people that are kind of suffering from being depressed i mentioned has uh on my uh instagram like two days ago maybe it was yesterday this shot a quick video and i said like you know if you're suffering from depression in your stress and i'm not talking about somebody who's been diagnosed ride by haller who needs to be heavily medicated uh you know i i've been through that with my oldest brother and i and i've seen that up close and i've seen that uh kill him but i do think that even in his case even in extreme case uh dedicating yourself to simulate fitness dedicating yourself to something like a diet moon starting to get rid of all the junk in your diet could could really help what are some things that you've done at of help you stay mentally strong through all these fucking heart obstacles uh lewis lilley some of the basic most tedious things like that like eating a little bit better going to the gym um uh the one thing that i've been trying to do is i've been like uh trying like new things and uh opening myself up to trying these things as that of like.

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