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Welcome packet is free. Keep lawyer and this is radio. Joining us now is Kevin Howard. Kevin Howard envisions a world Where success is measured not by not by our investments, but by our contributions to humanity as a whole. And Kevin, you have a new book on board. And tell us about onward at last. Tell us about the new book, please. And welcome to the program. Nice to have you with us. Ranking is so wonderful to be here with you today to talk about my new book onward at last, 17 4020. And The book is a book really is a clarion call to each of us. We all know And here constantly all the problems in the stress and the neck that the toxic discourse that we go through each day. And but we need to have a method of how how do we deal with this? How do we How do we How do we find fulfillment? In this environment, and so on with that last just speaks to my journey of how I found it and called each of us because the answer rests with the person who was looking back. It's when the mirror Karen So tell us a little bit about your story. Sure I am very much. You know, a child of the American dream. I mean, I was born and raised in the Bronx. You know, a single parent. You know, you know, you know, college educated, graduate school educated, you know, I had the pleasure of serving four years active duty in the military. I served President Reagan was my commander in chief. So here I go date myself and and and I built incredible career. You know, in banking, you know, before I found myself at the age of 40 on the path to a stroke, basically feeling totally unfulfilled, and that I had done everything that society would have me do. You know, it's so interesting, you know, it's it's It's always you know, they were always here. It's not. It's not how much you have in your bank roll. On the day of your death is your dying That's going to matter, you know, And I think we have a hard time is Americans. Really? And truly we say it, but we don't really conceptually understand that word. That concept. This's true because basically we're not socialized to do self. What I found is the challenge that faces us. Is that the core American virtues? Of independence of freedom of self interest of competition have push has been pushed to such extremes that they no longer serve us. That they've moved us away from who we actually are. That What all would at last is encouraging us to do is to remember who we are. Right Bye bye chest, focusing in on the most basic concepts. How is it that we exist each day? You see in this busy modern world? None of us think about how we exist. We just exist. But there is wisdom and how we exist each day. So who asked yourself who produced the food I'm going to eat today. Who produced the clothes I wear today. When we think about all the goods and services we need that allow us to exist every day. How much of that is produced by our family and friends. Questions like this, that lead us down the path. Of understanding who we are. And even Khun reveal what our purpose is. So what do you recommend? Let's go back a little bit. Let's go back to You're Going to be 40 years old and you're headed for a stroke. What was that moment? For you Give his details of what was that? Wake up call. That you had. That day, Kevin Howard. It was very much what an increasing number of Americans are feeling right now, notwithstanding whatever success you achieve your not getting satisfaction from the journey. Or the destination. So at that moment, I had a big house married, beautiful kids, successful job money in the bank. All the things that should lead to a life of off comfort of personal fulfillment. And yet it was hollow..

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