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Where you have the clippers where they don't have control that our first round draft pick till twenty twenty seven or twenty twenty eight brooklyn nets and the same situ situation where you know where you're trying to win now but if you don't win now wasn't even worth it well. I i think that's a risk. You have to take. Because i think in both situations if you go back at that time george and you look at it. I don't think you wait like you told me at that. Time and opportunity to acquire litter. Paul george and i wouldn't have a draft pick for the next four years three or four years as you know what maybe not the chance. I'm willing to take. I've never been to the western conference finals. If i'm the clippers jazz. I'm willing to take have advertised to acquire kevin durant kyrie irving and james harden all of the same team and that means i have to give up a few years of i dri- big chance. I'm willing to take because it. Brian closer to an nba championship right. They might they might be in the finals this year. We know so. Where are you add on. The ben simmons dom to trait. Oh i knew it was coming new. What's coming yeah I said on our show before this year started at the philadelphia seventy sixers. Don't reach the finals. One of those two. You gotta move. Because i'm gonna be honest. I don't think you can find two stars today. Nba who skill sets. Don't complement each other like those two. Don't like everybody else. Like crazy middleton and and the kubo their skills that they complement each other. Paul george and kawhi leonard. This gives that complement each other bradley beal and russell westbrook. You can go down the line but when you look at what ben simmons well and what. Joel embiid does well. They don't fit. Joel embiid space. Because he's so dominant was me. He needs in one. That's been can't do that then. Need someone to run and push the pace with him joel embiid. He's not gonna do that so with all due respect. These guys are killer talent. But i just don't think their skills complement each other. I think it's one thing to say. Well you have to stars on the same team great. But how do you start. I don't feel like ben. Simmons joel beat to together. Well we know which one you trade. Yeah yeah see antonio opposite in the here wondering is that so you've had everybody's screaming trae. Ben simmons stratum trade him. You gotta get them out. And i'm like everybody else. Just watch him meltdown mentally and not have the skill set needed..

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