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Paul's interrogation up him on the senate floor. It seems clear that he opted skating. And attempting to hide something and the fact that echo health alliance was the sub grant agency that sent the money to the wuhan lob for its gain of function research to me just shows that there was an attempt to hide direct. Nih niaid funding to the lab. And they just use the sub grant agency to do the work so that they'd be though were course that would get the blame and maybe no one would notice The association within i h and so on but he's also He's also changed a gain of function to a a new Label of two and changed on the website. So that there's now new Scientific phrase referring to the same a attempt to increase virulent of asserting pathogen for purposes of study I don't know anyway when we were focusing too much on one person what what can you tell us about. The the fault you see in the approach that's been taken with the response to the pandemic and if you were able to advise people on a better course. What would you suggest. I think one of the most disturbing revealing things is the censorship censorship by a social media. Of course also by by medical societies the ama our local medical society. I'm trying to say well. Can't we at least have a discussion among colleagues about what are you seeing. How are you treating the patients. How are they doing. Oh that would be anecdotal. We have to go by what comes down from the cdc. I mean normally if you have a new disease and you don't know what to do you want to learn from everybody's experience that's firsthand science firsthand observation. It's not something. That's the massage through a bunch of granting agencies and statistical manipulation. But it's what people are seeing right in your own community so a lot of physicians are maybe not even aware of the other possibilities for treatment such as we have Put in a pamphlet website. A aps online dot org of a covert early patient treatment. Guide that comes from the m- the by dr peter mccullagh one of the most widely published cardiologists in the world. Who understands the three stages of the disease..

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