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Sunshine today. Some breezy conditions cool. But nice things dry out for us. We'll continue this pattern all the way in through Friday. We'll get a little more clouds on Friday. Then Saturday the first half of the day. We could be picking up some light to moderate rain. We'll keep you updated with southern California's most accurate and dependable forecast. I'm CBS Garth camp. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. It's ten seventeen LA is one step closer to a longstanding problem. That's Cavs roads. Remained repay for decades have this absurd situation where we have streets in the city of Los Angeles, some of which haven't been serviced since the great depression councilman Bob Bloomfield, says many of the three hundred and seventy four streets withdrawn from public use over the years due to a lack of money to fix them are in his district accounts committee. He chairs has approved a draft ordinance to rectify the situation that's been a huge headache for a lot of city residents. We didn't learn that are street was quote withdrawn until two thousand eleven which means. We live on a street that's private, but we don't know about it. How could it be that? That information wasn't disclosed to us. The Los Angeles Times citing archival records reports when LA I move to withdraw defective streets. Lawmakers may have done it to prevent possible liability claims against the city councilman David Bruce says withdrawing the streets did not get rid of the city's liability and they just need to be fixed as soon as possible. Claudia pets Utah KNX ten. Seventy NewsRadio California has released the latest list of the worst performing schools in the state that includes more than one hundred in the unified district about half of the schools on the list are in the bottom. Five percent when it comes to performance like in English and math and absenteeism and suspensions south live is the executive director, parent, revolution and advocacy group here in LA working with families to improve educational opportunities for their children. This list is a list of schools that are clearly not creating opportunities for children. Maybe doing harm to children's future. He knows it's been a very long time since the state released a list of the campuses that were in trouble, many of the schools on this list are the same schools that were identified as lowest performing six years ago under a different system. He says the question now is what is the state? What is LA USD going to do about it in Brentwood? John.

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