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And hookers the land Acker joins us right now the man is a legend and resolutions and then this is I am so proud of you well thank you I'm sure that is for your listeners who heard the clip before when they're probably going to all right yeah I know that that's what I heard but I don't know the roaches you can't take something like that how to counter I don't want that what can I say you got to go back to book a check for just a second here and you got to just remember that what John lacquered land decker did in Chicago nighttime radio in the nineteen seventies in the nineteen eighties it you change the landscape okay and you did because it was you say so what what the great selection difficult I got to tell you this is a little awkward why well it won't we call this whole blue and you know I was just sitting here I wasn't doing anything I wasn't bothering anybody and I I get this email and I'm like okay hello I know it's just strange well you were inducted into the into the national radio hall of fame is based here in Chicago three years yes and that's what that's like visiting an old neighborhood you know I mean I've been over the museum broadcast communications on on the top right but this is like I never even thought of the NAHB alone have them think of me right it's a surprise that's a big deal there's very few people the from the Chicago market who are it obviously you know Paul Harvey is in it and I think brand Meyer went in right there two years lose actual yeah yeah and so right now we're still waiting for ours we're just waiting I don't know when that's all you'll get there hi because I need you to go to fill tables I understand the black black I can only half of and I know it has it where WGN which is of the you know the arguably the most legendary radio station in Chicago history but it will it loosely Mr Suraj who Helms the mornings here and me who Helms afternoons here and you we all kind of made our bones of that other radio station so hello absolutely and you know what and I've said a lot not probably keep saying is that when you talk about that we'll be checking what you're referencing I mean the reason that that was so successful was because of what was going on around the clock behind the scenes you know everybody was good everybody did stuff the readings were greatly engineers are great the promotions were great and it was just this energy that leapt out of the radio to people and I've never wanted to I mean I have a great time to radio stations before and great times at radio stations after but there is a segment of time there maybe three or four years that it was really something looking back then back that is really true there's nothing really last month a couple years that a racist notice for sure is that we're every time there's you know there's ups and downs and things in the middle and all that and you just hope that you know the judge you get it a team of people as you said be in in you know behind the microphone a behind the scenes that that all kind of work in a synergistic way to make the whole thing great and I was just the tip of the iceberg at night you know when you had to have a program director like John Geren who at all while chanting like Diana book you check on there because I never asked if I could do it see how you do it my guest John linebacker is that he may have walked into the studio once or twice and look to change the way the only the way that at legends like John guaranteed look at you in the eye the caucus settled it is I can walk out and all you think to yourself because you know my god did I just blank that up all my god do okay I would least of John's Stephen Gerry Hillary who checked he had bought some rocks king of odd Daniels J. J. Jeffrey Fred when all my god yeah I mean you want to talk about if that's right the man examined so life is its own this is America all right John land decker congratulations all thing but I want to see what I think about John lander he's got an autobiography out that is the only autobiography that a radio guys ever written it is worth reading I will say that right now is I will look for that thank you on the Amazon all right thank you Sir there you go thank you world the legend John records land records releases Milan so he claims all right this is all that is with us he is a class action attorney Eric chase is going to do something good for humanity here that's which is with the thing I like the most and that is you're taking on the towing the towing company that were actually telling in Chicago right correct and this first of all we have to do a private show people right at Lincoln Park pirates and things like that that's that they've been in the news but what you're dealing with is actually how the city handles the vehicles right correct this has to do with how the city wrote its own ordinance so could take vehicles away from people who have unpaid ticket at and right just on the street you don't have to know Serbian and parking so they just can come see you see that instead of booting writer this is post boot a boot and then tell you so so yeah correct you're not parked illegally these cars pose no safety hazard there their park illegally they're not part of a crime or anything the the vehicle owners just happen to have at least two unpaid parking tickets and this lady comes by slaps the boot on F. twenty four hours to pay up which includes now doubling the fines and tell right that or they take your car away actually just I just got a parking ticket for the first time in a long time to get that parking app and I use it all the time and I'm I'm so paranoid about it because I have PTSD from when I was younger and I had shoeboxes full of tickets the old yellow ticket so we had the city that you didn't have to pay but once while you find a boot on your car and that was home and there is there's there's no worse feeling in the world and that but was interesting in in your lawsuit and I think is fascinating is that this city can tow your car take your car impounded car scrap your car right and you don't you have to you can't get paid for it you don't get it done that's correct and just to give you an example our plane have had a car that he had a seventeen thousand dollar loan on Rackley brand new is a two thousand six Nissan Sentra was told in twenty eighteen he only.

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