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Will acquire the operations of the Venetian for 2.25 million. The sale comes just two months after the death of CEO and Chairman Sheldon Adelson, Nevada reporting 309 new covert 19 cases with 236 from Clark County. The state's total cases now at 294,289. Clark County has a total of 227,107. States test positivity rate fell below 10% on February 20th. This continued to drop since January. 14th coming in at 7.3% Tuesday. Statewide 10 New Covert 19 related deaths were reported. Vaccination numbers going up in Nevada, the state about to receive its third vaccine from Johnson and Johnson. Data shows more than about 10% of the state's adult population has been fully vaccinated, meaning they've received both doses of either the Fizer or Mo during a vaccine so can fully vaccinated people go back to life, pre pandemic. After Michael Gardner is CEO of UNLV medicine. I do think that people can feel more comfortable going to restaurants and and doing those kinds of things, and I really do believe that we were, you know, it's early March. By Let's say the beginning of summer. We're going to see that really transform things open up. The Centers for Disease Control is expected to release guidance for fully vaccinated people later this week. President Joe Biden. Calls for Unity is the Senate readies for work on the massive pandemic relief bill. In a conference call and a rare tweet President Biden urges fellow Democrats in the 50 50 Senate. Rally behind the $1.9 trillion covert relief, bill said. Majority leader Chuck Schumer says during the conference call Fighting urged lawmakers to pass the bill and pass it soon. Some moderates are wanting more narrowly focus spending on those hardest hit by the pandemic. Republican leader Mitch McConnell is following the same game plan he took against then President Barack Obama and pushing for all his GOP colleagues to oppose the measure. Schumer says debate could start Wednesday with passage before the 14th of this month. Tim McGuire, Washington Las Vegas aviators confirmed the minor league season will be delayed, saying they're scheduled to start playing at Las Vegas Ballpark on May 6th their first game slated against the Sacramento River Cats News brought to you by yes, air conditioning and plumbing, keeping.

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