Baghdad, Texas, One Hundred Thirty Dollars discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - Guess the Lines Week 5 With Cousin Sal and Joe House (Ep. 267)


Now he's got a racket by though again there's like some it's always like shady guide of ma is they added one hundred thirty dollars cash it's a new term i sent to the era of her care related like that you have termites but anyway so this is splintered up and now it's got what i needed vice in this week's parent corner how bad does it have to get before i now replace it because again now it's broken in splintered they we have like bandaids on the ipad it's crazy and like one they like we thought he had catch a finance patriots daughter catch up on his look out elegant was wiped his hands after he's i know that's blood these bleed swiping on a up ipad so i need help us to win we need to replace this i or dudayeve that have been you don't get too easy i pat if you're gonna throw which i doubt on fire in such a good such agree raiders we can't can't totally do that's pretty good adds ns advice at the baghdad during your dot com or banded via more bandits was advice pair corner for me this week saturday we go out to dinner comeback getting ran a movie is a fan watching move in my my kids love horror movies so leather face was available a directive e from ice which is the prequel of texas chainsaw massacre but the modern version of the prequel so i'm like oh leather face banned my son is all fired up for the other face because he loves horror movies and it's rated a solid are solid are so i'm about to go on the internet to see like to make share there's that saxon entered that gets a bad.

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