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Than later. morgan. I have a feeling that is going to be something That people are going to be chirpin about even more as these bills rolled in oregon chelsea on the ground. I in texas morgan. Well the mess in texas caused by lax government oversight just the latest chapter what's been brutal time for the gop. Consider over the past. Four years party has lost the house. The senate and the white house. The split between trump and establishment links growing highlighted by former president trump calling senate republican leader. Mitch mcconnell dowers sullen and unsmiling political hack state and local republican parties essentially ten senate and house members Republicans who voted against mr trump over the impeachment issue. All that said it is worth remembering that. The republican party has survived to read many of its obituaries in the past. So join me now. From san antonio is the former republican congressman from that area will heard well. It's good to see you. thanks for coming on. I let me just ask you about how you and your loved ones are doing. You have running water and you have power i do. I've been fortunate. I'm i'm one of those millions of folks that are having to boil my water. You know chuck. It's wild today coming to the to the show. I didn't have to wear a jacket. But even though the temperatures are getting warmer a lot of texans are still going to be impacted over the next weeks and months the broken power. The broken water lines is really significant. that's causing low water pressure. This may not get resolved for months. So if there's anybody's watching that you're a plumber. And you have some extra clues. Please send them towards towards texas. It's being serious because this is going to be a large impact. I'm over the next couple of weeks. And i know people that have been without water for now four or five days. This is not something that's sustainable. And then you have cities and counties that are already dealing with trying to do covert and now they have to deal with this. So this is. This is a pretty significant problem. And even though it's getting warmer This these problems are not going away fair to say that. This was preventable catastrophe that this is on the texas government. One hundred percent this was this was preventable. This wasn't a problem with any individual fuel source. This was a problem of lack of leadership and lack of long-term planning in twenty eleven. There were hearings in the state house talking about ensuring that there was reliability urquhot and state leaders at the time said that the these come the the energy companies could self regulate and make sure that happens. We can't have cheap prices and reliable energy at the same time. And you know we always talk about. This was a black swan event. This was an event that doesn't happen often. The only thing. I've learned in my time in government and the cia is the only thing about black swans black swans actually happen and we need to be prepared and one of the things about the ninth largest economy economy being brought to its knees in the because of this. Our enemies are looking at this. And they're they're looking at how that the grid was able to fail and they could potentially use this and have a cyber attack to do this kind of thing. So so that's a conversation. We should be happening. Should be happening once we get out of this to make sure. Our power is reliable in that every american has has access to reliable and cheap energy. Is this a black eye on the republican party. Philosophy of of lower galatian and small government. This was this was a black guy for not planning for this eventuality and and this has been going on for years. The deregulation in texas happened almost twenty years ago and so people have talked about this particular situation that we should have been prepared for so again this is not about. Do we need to go. The exact opposite way. I think the conversations instead of using this as a political bludgeon against one another. We should be talking about the serious issues about reliability about how the texas grid increases at its connections with the other grids around us. I'm how do you make sure that it has the tools and the power and another conversation. You alluded to in your previous Chat with the reporter these high energy bills. You don't take your you. Don't take the steps to provide reliable power and then you're going to give somebody a bill and the tens of thousands of dollars. That's absolutely outrageous. And i know that that the state house. We'll be looking into this when they come into into session. I don't think. I don't think anybody's going allow something that crazy and outrageous to stand. Look when you think about this issue and you think about the place you want to have in the future of the republican party. I mean it does seem as if do you think that the messaging of constantly be rating government constantly saying government is the problem. Government doesn't work. Does it become self fulfilling in a place like texas and is that a part of the bigger messaging problem well look. I don't disagree with your premise. The out the the reality. The reality is the republican party should be based on our core values. Right if we're going to be a party. That's viewed as representing nuts and comp- conspiracy theories conspiracy theorist we're going to ultimately have a problem and so it's not about no government. It's about reasonable and sensible government if we can reduce the size of the scope and fellow government of the government and still provide great digital services. Right we we should be able to do that. And so so yes. There is a role for government to play in all of these issues. But let's figure out. And the compensation should be. What is that role and it could be based on in lowering. Most americans have as much freedom as they possibly can because when you have freedom that allows opportunity when you have opportunity that leads to growth and growth leads the progress what role should former president trump have in the future of the republican party. Or should he not have a role. I think very little little if none at all You know this is a president that lost the house. The senate the white house in four years. I think the last person to do that was was herbert hoover and that was in the great depression. And when you look at in the twenty twenty election the number of republicans that were successful significantly outperformed a president trump and so the opportunity that we have is that we should be talking to disaffected democrats. The fact that speaker pelosi didn't pick up any seats. You know is an indication that the democratic party has some real problems and chuck even following politics longer than i have. You know history tells us that we're gonna take back the house and so how we do that and we should do it based on our principles. We should do that by talking to those folks. Don't believe in defunding. The police don't believe in open borders. We have an opportunity. But we can't do that if we're talking about you know a the lies of a of an election that went wrong or succumbing to conspiracy. Theories former congressman will heard republican. Who by the way you left congress on your own volition anyway. Thank you for coming on and sharing your perspective with us this morning. Thank you saw and if you want to help the folks in texas here are just some of the organizations. Doing good work for people there. Obviously you heard We'll herds ask for plumbers as well for what it's worth which you can find this list on. Meet the press twitter account and on our facebook page when we.

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