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And we've got a special throwback edition of the show today. I know there's a lot of craziness going on in the world right now corona virus all over the news all are everywhere. People going into lockdown. And now I gotTa tell you man. It's made it a little bit tough to get a bunch of interviews lined up but I promise you we are going to have some blockbuster stuff coming at you very very soon. But you know some interviews. Some new litters may have missed. That's why the past week or two. I thought you know what I'm GonNa dig some of these out and I think you guys are really going to join this one. We're throwing a back a couple years to Lilian Garcia yes you know. Lilian Garcia as the voice of wwe wrestling and She's been with the company for a very long time. Now I guess kind of maybe semi-retirement I duNNo. She's killing it on. Social media got a massive wrestling podcast but I was fortunate to have a Lilian Garcia on this show a few years back talking about her show her career and a whole lot more and probably one of my favorite interviews. I think I've ever done talking about nine eleven and pro wrestling and just I duNno making This crazy world nowadays. So yeah we are going to definitely throw back to. Lilian Garcia here on the show today. If you're a new listener please go there on Apple. Podcasts smashed that subscribe button that is right. Smash it Much appreciated for everyone who has continued to subscribe to the show and Yeah it's it's definitely definitely helps us out. I don't think you guys realize it. Please leave a rating as well and Man We will will definitely definitely throw your love. You give us a follow on social media. It is at Jim beaver. Fifteen well before we get to Lilian Garcia on the show definitely want to talk about a couple of our amazing partners here in the show and one of those partners is our good friends at Geiko. You own your home..

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