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Movement can even bring us together when we're still because if we're focused on the next move we don't have to worry about what's behind us goodyear more driven and we welcome back there. Multiple reports at this hour coming out of athens concerning the health of jt daniels After the brutal game against clemson several media outlets are reporting that he is dealing with a core injury likely ribs or oblique and his status on certain the backup according to the same reports carson beck up a large portion of the first team reps yesterday. We'll continue to watch that story as we get closer to the weekend. Let's continue with more of your phone calls here in. Augie is up next good afternoon. I was impressed with that guy from florida to like he was making the closing argument. Prosecuting the guy who killed his dog eating. Come up a breath and He didn't stutter either. So i mean i i will tell you. I don't wanna call myself a professional broadcaster because that would be an exaggeration. But you could give me that script. And there's no way. I could get three lines into without stumbling. I i that takes. I don't know what it takes your lawyer. You tell me. Yeah i i. I don't think the guy was reading from a script you might have had. Maybe at most bullet points. But you could tell he was fired up about it which brings me to another point so call you in bob. Dole's the were aac buddies he would call into the show. And you actually had him on more than you would or saw combined which i don't blame you on israel because you need subtitles and even if you had him you couldn't understand what he was trying to say but did you and both the divorce when he started putting out his simpson desist when south. Yeah i was it. I mean he. He violated my trust are. Espn of what did the guy say. Torture is interference. Schwarzer's jeremy ceremony early. Yeah most with somebody deal. Try to impose churches interference on i. I love. I've always liked by bowls for this reason. He's a shoot from the hip guy when he's been here and unfortunately that doesn't work when you're in big time high level conversations like he was a few weeks ago. Well it's kind of funny because you have the big dog. Basically battling the pac twelve and big ten and acc but then you have the smaller little brothers who are now. Fight themselves arrest. Go and bowls be so it's kinda like a cartoon and i'm sure the rest has no love loss or those be now that he's poaching smell a houston. Se's ucs of course tensely and there was another as we're sitting here. Ucf is now according to reports applied for membership. All and yeah. We had to rescue on last week. And he i mean he was. He was steamed Primarily because he knew what was coming. Well you know at this rate the big twelve oh offer to lane. I've got crop degrees because absolutely played a hell of a game in Very impressed with that guy. Not saying wanting to coaches Hell he's better than what we got. Although i think we can get something better which brings me to that. Spec- blue comment. I say paul that game between lsu and ucla. In my opinion the best looking uniforms in college football i think. Ucla got that baby. Blue top is the best. Not saying i was good. But i think he had the best looking uniform combinations in the field that night and i also want to add i think it was daryl from georgia was talking about all the recent National championships georgia got. You left out the most recent of all and you know what that is right. No question you would to admit. I forgot about that. I'm working. i'm actually. I'm usually more up to date on the equestrian championships. Only reason i knew about it is because you had little ads running In between your show during the summer. But the question. I know is Bruce springsteen daughter. I don't even know her. Yes she was in the olympics. Did not as she won. Silver medal paul. You're in the food. They had any kind of rain on you to do the guy who have any rains rain. Yeah very can pull you back from the edge because you went over the edge today you know where it was do not so you alienating people in nebraska you've alienated people in each off and now you know the other state just added hiwa. You will call there you go talk to. It was just a corn crack. I don't know. I've only been to iowa once. I think i've been there twice. I have been there twice. And the only thing i've ever seen there is corn. You know does. There's gotta be something a big ball twine or something else. Purdue they produce Rice or i know they produce corn. They produce all. I think of when i think of iowa. Think of the music man with is another Another slight and the people of iowa some guys fell in a dysfunctional presidential. Primary was the claim to fame every four years. Before i got. I just wanted to have a shoutout to spring squirrel who offer to bring me supplies and gasoline. Well yeah he sure did. And i believe he would've done it. I didn't want to take him up on it but Hey we have just looked up. This is according to the iowa farmers and ranchers association I should have known this Because my visits there. I saw some of these two Iowa is the biggest producer biggest exporter of of soybeans around so they produced hog. Ceo soybeans is number one pork is number two and then they earn is number three paul. You're making people who see this so they want to take that crack back. I shouldn't have. I should've been so i. I wasn't insulting spinning simply. Spitting the truth. Okay now you have to work in nebraska and utah. Hey thanks no. I'm not. I'm not ever going to nebraska again All i said was. We're talking about the iowa. I always stay game. And i said of iowa state wins. I hope that means corn prices. Don't go up. That was not a shot that was just a consumer concerned about the cpi. We're coming right.

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