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Vehicle that's going to excite customers and and brings something new to the lincoln lineup now let's talk about specifics because this vehicle really does hit home on a lot of things so on the outside it looks like lincoln but those the wheels on the one that you showed it new yorker absolutely enormous so they twenty two inches they are we've i don't big there have been vehicles with twenty two inch wheels i think what makes this different from the proportions of the aviator is the rear wheel drive architecture and our ability to kind of push the wheels towards towards the end and it gives us a really elegant set of proportions that david woodhouse are lincoln designed director was then able to craft a vehicle around so it's it's been great it does look extremely menacing but there's a lot of it's it's very big and it's very bold but at the same time it's very refined as well and when i walked through the displays that you had when you introduce the vehicle you showed a lot of inspiration that lead you to the aviator a lot of things that spoke to where the aviator was sitting in the marketplace and one of those with some interesting wood sculptures that almost look like the ripples in water that you had really taken the side of the vehicle from and the waves in the side of the vehicle they look very different from anything i've seen in a car before but they seem to fit in almost like i throw a pebble in a pond and and this ripples going through the outside of the vehicle.

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