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Miami office i'd fly to fort lauderdale and i'd have to fly often so what i would do is i would book two trips because there was this whole thing about a saturday stay if you had the saturday stay you got a huge discount if you stayed over saturday night so i would book my first trip would be like the the monday i was flying out and then i would return the return flight would be the second trips return flight and then the second ticket that i would book would be the friday and then back the following monday so that way i would get to saturday stays the airlines did away with that because they found out a little life hack people were finding the way around it and that's how i used to book airline tickets and you'd save significant money and you'd be it well then they outlawed that they didn't let you do that anymore the nba people have found that out look at all the teams tanking look at all the teams in the nba right now that are tanking and we're talking about almost well greater the twenty five percent twenty eight percent of the nba the knicks the bowls the kings the nets the mavericks the magic the hawks the grizzlies in the sons you're talking about the final nine teams in the nba are separated by seven games tag tak and you know what that's awesome you found a way to work the system john fass this tanking bother you at all i've accepted it so you've accepted the theory it does but that's just part of sports and it's been a part of the nba for a long time they're changing in next year where the bottom three teams they thought that they fixed it saying well the bottom three teams can get the number one pick well guess what there are seven teams tanking the nineteenth tax increases yes yeah yeah yeah john fast is the best he's going to give you all you need to know the world of sports hell update ncwa tournament more but when we return member when there are no good young quarterbacks in the nfl i do what's changed jonky caja cbs sports radio.

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