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Juppe on this train with us now it is very i've i completely put myself behind it stand behind it whatever whatever the the saying is i've vouch for the show with everything that i am an westworld is awesome watching episode than listen to the podcast if you already watched season one i you know the show's complexes fuck it would be good for you to listen to the podcast any way embryo watched the episodes but there are no spoilers on the podcast who if you haven't seen it there is no fear of you getting anything ruined for you come listen to it it's called brees all motor functions in its available on grand ex labs with three episodes deep so the same place the rb peace started on grand ex labs is the name of the channel on i tuned subscribe to grand ex labs check out freeze all motor functions and uh get ready for westworld season to arm pumped you should be too thank you for listening thanks for all the support the tweets snaps the emails the direct messages the calls people catching fortnight w's with me i cannot get a solo win it is fucking killing me i keep the second it's getting out of control but micha is now on xbox yeah i wanna give it a couple of shell adds to a couple of the fans of the show who have reach out to me who added me on on uh on xbox live is that what's called a sound like a 100yearold man yeah xbox low xbox live and then followed up of media snapchat to confirm that they had in fact added me it is max w 1865 is my game or tag don't ask me why and also i did download fortnight i played it all night on tuesday i killed noone i am fucking trash i'm over it it takes time would you agree that there's another game i should be playing the hood gordon eight it's called it's called pub jeez what they call its players underground battleground some shitara player unknown battlegrounds here's ahmadou micha i've got my xbox shij seemed to get the shit setback up i'll do it this weekend are down the fort nine pudgy and we could fuck around with some of the listeners coups since tight do i gotta tell you is really really fun we got we.

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