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Now seven of five to begin the year but currently on a three game winning streak ever since losing to Oakland by the last time the Broncos were in action however was eleven days ago see how they are coming out of this holiday break focusing on this reservation it's a big one two punch to look out for here tonight six foot one junior guard Michael flowers leads the way with eighteen points a game making the most threes and also the most assists with forty one on the seas the other part of the deal well with six one eight redshirt junior Brandon Johnson who's going sixteen taking in making the whole shot in leading the Broncos with nine boards per night the next to be the starting five are five foot nine freshmen the artist white in six foot four sophomore jinx in which the artist white is the sort of any white can be used to lace up in green and white from nineteen seventy two to nineteen seventy six if you were call may be artists is now forty seven points a night for the Broncos Jason was on the other hand is dropping in six point two contests and has the second most assist on the team with twenty finally the five man is six foot eight freshman Titus right who's telling for for the night and shooting fifty two percent from the floor this stampede of Broncos is led by head coach Steve Hawkins coach auctions is in his seventeenth season at the helm of the western Michigan program having won the mac tournament twice in punching its way into the anti terror NC double a tournament but the last time that happened was back in two thousand fourteen the Broncos are looking to change that this season and with that we take our shoes last inside look or last inside look at Michigan state in western Michigan is presented by shipping and sons incorporated you know metals and plastics inside and out let's hear from will team in from western Michigan head coach Steve walk ins ahead of tonight's ballgame take it away will go go thanks.

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