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The smarter way to hire. Yeah. It was a little daunting folks little daunting to know that I was going to have T-Bone Burnett on the show. I've always been impressed with this work. I remember some the soa stuff from back in the day. I love that. But he was always that guy that you'd see that was producing a lot of traditional Americana music like the O Brother Where art thou soundtrack. And a lot of why events, but he's just one of these guys where you really you kind of pop into check out what he's done and what he's doing and it never stops. And it was great it, it kind of this was one of those conversations that really blew my mind about music in a way, it was engaging and exciting and. I'm glad I had him and his new albums very. It's very interesting. It's very good. It's the first time he's done in eleven years. The invisible. Light acoustic space comes out next Friday, April twelfth, you can get that whatever wherever you get your music. And this is me talking to T-Bone Burnett back in the garage, and I'm going to while US into this ongoing to go outside in the hall and see if I'm who's Nateing. So enjoy the talk. You don't do. These long-form situations much. I haven't been doing much of anything writing years now. Really you just hold up. And right. Yes. Sorta hold up and ride I quit producing records. I still did not. I did a worked with a couple of people. Yeah. And did a TV show did true detective in the last year. Yeah. I mean, I just watched you you did the latest one I did all of them. Yeah. The music's great. So wake you now. Is that like is that I'm trying to remember? So they're soundtrack. And then there's original songs. But it was there was there any kind of archival stuff that you did. Or was it all it was mostly mostly score this third season. Right. If the few one piece I did with Andrew bird, right? He's sort of genius, right? He's amazing. Yeah. He's what I hear. Yeah. He's good. He did my friend lens last movie Diddy. Yeah. Yeah. He's very good. Yeah. I mean, I I like this last season. So you got to see it before anyone else. So when you do something like true detective that you did all three seasons in your scoring. Do you sit down with someone like, Nick?.

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