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Our producers Zoe chase was following Senator Jeff flake during the days before the recent Cavanaugh hearing the day of the hearing and after. And she said that you have not heard elsewhere. One point. He was backstage with a Senator during member there was straight out of goodfellas. But what are the actual cast members from goodfellas strongly encouraged Senator flake to vote a certain way on the nomination. Anyway this week today at one on ninety three point nine FM WNYC. This is weekend edition on WNYC. Good morning. I'm David I up next we speak with Kayla Wilson in Washington this week protesting. Brad Kavanagh supreme court nomination about her feelings now that he's all but assured to be confirmed and still ahead checking in on the status of the metoo movement. Has it lost its punch are things. Better for women. That is coming up in about five minutes here on weekend edition, and it's playoff season in baseball. We will hear more in sports later this hour. And yeah, things did not go. According to plan for the Yankees last night. They lost game. One in Boston. They made a close after falling behind by five early in the game. But ultimately lost to the Red Sox. Five to four a chance to turn it around tonight game two in their best of five division series is tonight in Boston and coming up later today on radio lab collaboration with the Tampa Bay times takes a close look at police violence and race in America. That is coming up today at noon on ninety three point nine FM. It is sixty four degrees right now in central park. A high today of sixty eight with mostly cloudy skies tomorrow is when things start to get a little warmer. Still partly sunny through the day with a high up near eighty degrees WNYC at nine twenty support for NPR comes from WNYC members. And from the Rockefeller.

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