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Political stunt a White House invitation to leaders of both parties to have a chat about border security, and the government shutdown session is being described by one source as a briefing on border security for the top Republicans and Democrats in the house and Senate. It would Mark the first face-to-face meeting between the president and the key congressional Democrats in three weeks at CBS's. Steven Portnoy here CBS news, correspondent chip Reid. Without a deal on the wall. The shutdown will continue as trash and human waste pile up at some national parks calls. Go unanswered at the IRS and the Smithsonian museums and the national zoo prepare to close the animals will be cared for. But the hugely popular panda. Cam will go dark and hundreds of thousands of federal workers will go without pay department of homeland security defending the use of tear gas at the border firing canisters at migrants in Mexico. Video shows many of the migrants choking after the tear gas was launched across the border DHS spokeswoman call the migrants of violent mob that pushed women and minors to the front. Many over concertina wire statement goes on to say that border patrol agents should be applauded for using the minimum force necessary to defend the border and restore order. The spokeswoman also says it's time for congress to listen to those on the front lines and fully fund the border wall. Bill Raikov CBS news. My brother is not a spy. That's what David Whelan is saying his brother, Paul Whalen detained by Russian authorities in Moscow. They label him a spy five or six days later. We still don't know what condition. He's in. What else he's he's in for any of the real rationale for why this new year, hundreds of new laws across the country. CBS news correspondent Natalie brand reporting on one of them affecting millions of people twenty nine thousand nine is bringing extra cash to around five million workers nationwide. Twenty states are raising the minimum wage they joined several others that previously boosted hourly rates above the federal standard of seven twenty five an hour. A rhinoceros is said to be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. A mother and daughter in Florida are lucky to be alive. Here's CBS's. Jim Krasula, two year old girl was hurt after falling into the rhinoceros exhibit at the zoo and Melbourne Florida that child's mother was also injured at both of them were taken to a hospital in Orlando. Their conditions have not been released. Zoo officials say the toddler fell through steel poles that separate guests from the riders deroga- hands on experience that's been offered without any prior incidents since two thousand nine the stout of at least one of the animals.

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