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This is the sporting light on espn radio and the espn at here's jeremy chef is a rare privilege at an honor to be joined by one of the greatest players in the annals of pro football the nfl's alltime leader in touchdowns by long shot in receiving touchdowns in so many categories a threetime super bowl champion the one in only jerry rice jerry thanks for being with us and thanks for having me jerry this is your time of year the super bowl is nearly upon us when you think about these teams going to the super super bowl now the eagles and the patriots where the things that stand out for you well it that with the patron holiday to find a way to win no matter what in in and the jacksonville jaguars i thought uh uh you know they they had maybe it was twenty two like maybe can or something i might have been twenty two ten and feel for some reason it's like with the new england patriots they don't panic uh no one is is is gonna get rattled and they just know how to work their way back uh to win football game and they really deserve to uh be in the super bowl then you've got the philadelphia eagles uh with mixed polls uh having an exceptional game uh that defense playing well and you know i'm just looking forward to uh a very uh physical game of close ballgame and one of those teams gonna walk away with that trophy uh you know super bowl the two jerry you plead with two halsey quarterbacks san francisco you one super bowls joe montana and steve young uh when joe montana retired the conventional wisdom was that he was the greatest quarterback of all time at least that's what many people thought now the conventional wisdom is that tom brady's the greatest quarterback of all time and it's hard to argue with that when.

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