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Addressees interesting we'll see what the dallas cowboys do coming up here in just a moment this is going be a big production because they're in dallas obviously mike i take a little bit it'd be expected good time for us take a break the selection the green bay packers selected alexsandr the corner out of louisville winterson gurus scott bischoff has gotten over a stage fright here's what he has to say alexander cornerback louisville alexander can close instantly and he has a lot of pass breaks up in college because of his ability to locate the ball and break on it a very fluid athlete with excellent athleticism and toughness when he's defending the run alexander has a great mental makeup to play cornerback in today's nfl while we're talking about the dallas cowboys here and their separation with dez bryant at this particular point in his career team born dyson brian for apparently he turned down a multi year deal from the ravens because he wants a one year deal to try to hit free agency again next year i mean the problem is if you dez bryant you you missed out on some of the big box that were out there and some teams find themselves in a different position now i mean look i think he's still a good player he's not what he wants man and you know what he's doing i think he's hedging his bet a little bit he said he wanted to kind of survey the situation after the draft was over and almost a need position dan you hit the nail on top of the head he is the same guy who was two years ago no way no.

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