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It's nick costa's and ken barclay on you better. you bet from bet q. L. one conversation about pro wrestling in the last segment. Adam chernoff coming up to start our number three from the simple handicap talking. Nfl week one. Maybe a little preseason from cherney see if he the jaguars saints game tonight. Two days continues with the tennessee. Titans and the indianapolis colts as well next our pinal power our final hour of the show with all our beds for tonight major league baseball and the nfl preseason but right now we turn our attention to major league baseball. We're very pleased to welcome to the show. The great carlos painting a fourteen year major league better all-star gold glover over silver slugger and homerun champ. That's that's a pretty good list of things to introduce somebody with. That's pretty good for our guy. Carlos pain and you watch him of course on the mlb network joins nick again. Gain here to break down all things major league baseball. We're going to bet this board moving forward carlos welcome to the show beck. You'll hear on a monday. How's it going into so much for ami guys and thank you for that very kind and generous introduction of course carlos. Let's just start with this. We've never had you on the show before we have about forty games left in the season right for each team. We've got division races. Cy youngs or still kind of undetermined. Mvp and the national league is still undetermined. Gimme the one thing you're most excited to kind of wash and see play out here over the next forty games you know. I really thought. San diego is going to be in a better position. I started to see whether or not they're going to be able to turn this around and get back playing the way they should be playing I've been extremely excited to watch autonomy Finish the season and possibly hit fifty home runs. That's not out of the question. This is already amazing what he's doing but i'm not just i'm you know fifty home runs to me. It's just that other echelon that if he wants to do that. I don't even know it's going to have our heads just flipping. I mean. this is amazing what he's doing so I i would say as far as the teams are concerned. I'm i wanna see san diego bounce back.

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