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Levine and Bulls fans need to look at from Levine in this team is powerless and wins together because here's the thing if this team can start to win basketball games Jack Levin only goes from French star too. Being a legitimate started league to we're going to have to have Zach Levine in the M V P conversation. Talks this season. If they can get over the hump of 500 actually win some basketball games. And like I don't think I'm going out on a limb limb, suggesting that because if you look at the top scorers in the league Bradley, Beal leads and scoring with 35 points per game. That's crazy. He's not gonna do that from the entire season, but he's been awesome. They're terrible. Washington's awful Then you get Kevin Durant at 30. Stephan Curry at 28, Damien Lord, a 28 Zach Levine a 27 Luca don such a 27 points per game Yonas onto the combo 27 points per game. Jason Tatum at 27 points per game and C. J. McCollum In jail in Brown, wrap out your top 10. All of those players you know, outside of jail in Brown, Tatum McCollum, everyone else and Bradley Beal isn't because his team's bad everyone else's M v P candidate. So Zach Living can get some winds to match with the crazy stats. To this point this season, we're gonna have to have the conversation of Zach Levine, at least being in that grouping of the conversation being elite stars who can lead a team. That comes with winds that have to match what he's doing in the stack categories. I know it's a super small sample side. They've only played 14 games, right. So right now. Talking. He's he's averaging two more points per game than he did last year. And he's up. Uh one assist. Them 1.3 assists per game from last season, and I know super small sample size so those could go down. They could go up. I like to see when he's not scoring that he's Getting more assists that he's finding ways to be involved when he can't score on a given night. I think there's been a couple of nights when he has when he's hit low double digit scoring. He's had double digit assists, so I feel like he's he's growing within the team and the new coaching and the new system. You're right. When it comes down to it. You want to see more wins? Now? Is it his fault that he's a He's the best player on a team that was set up for failure the last few years? No, it's not. So I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see how this season goes now that he's got good coaching. I'm not saying he had bad coaching in Minnesota, but during his time in Chicago, he hasn't had good coaching. He's been here for four seasons. Yes, it had good coaching. This is first year with a good head coach with a real n ba head coach. Harvard was okay. Boylan was a joke. This is his first year with real coaching, real developmental guys, a full developmental staff. Real basketball eyes, basketball minds on him working on his development and how he's going to develop as a player, So let's see how this season plays out for him. I'm not ready to give him a Max contract yet. When he's up for it, But I'm also not ready to trade the dude yet because I want to see if he could be a good piece on this team moving forward and from what you're seeing so far in this short season. I think he can be. And as we go a little bit down the road, you know Zach Levine at the end of this season will be a year away from having New needing a new contract. So you know that's how this stuff like this in the NBA works when guys get a year out from when their contracts up. That's when talks about either an extension or That's when players start to grumble behind the scenes that they wanna be dealt somewhere where they will get set extension. So it's something the Bulls fans have to consider right now because he is a bargain. 19 millions making a year. Right now, The contract he has right now is fantastic compared to what the production is on the court, But now the Bulls are gonna have to figure out whether or not he's worth paying as your max level elite star. For this team, as we all assume in the next 4 to 5 years will be competitive like that's the other thing is like, I don't think that we're looking at this as Rebuild for the next couple of years. That's going to take a long time. It's gonna be like they should probably be on the fringe of making the playoffs this year, if not the eighth through the seven seed. And then from there, Boom, you try and you move up. In the Eastern Conference. You try and actually compete. And is Zach Levine, the star that gets your first max deal that sets up things for this team, going forward something and keep our eyes on. We're gonna talk with Tony Gill from NBC Sports Chicago Next on.

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