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With Earl Bennett and oral joins me here on on the hood with Jonathan heard here on ESPN one thousand and the SP out early as always I appreciate your time let's talk about the bears were before we do that let's talk a little about your podcast prostyle part casserole Bennett tells about it yes Prosto podcast looks at the symmetry between hip hop and sports in what I wanted to do was basically human I have fully from a hip hop perspective right because pretty much everybody can you know sympathize with the love for music in a story telling them that nature and so I decided why not go for it called a couple guys talk to them about it they thought it was cool and so ran with it been doing it for almost a year now and people of that. you know what I love the most it was your conversation DJ more because I. our in a half a DJ some bar some place right in that do I wrote down twenty questions he answered the questions in about sixteen minutes and I and I turned to him during a commercial I'm like DJ this is all I have I said that after after the slowly or we're going to cut this short we will be in this bar for minute you I got you I got you so I so who does the experience but it was good to hear from him yet yet that Peter alone as well right Charles Tillman yeah yeah so I've been reaching out so quickly one one team mates just to have them on a podcast that get their take on the symmetry between hip hop and sports talk about some of the things that they see you know what the current bears team talk about how they think that they could make that leap to really become a dominant team so it's really cool to kinda like messed it to together but to also I catch up with former teammates like we had there has to be done in dogs he David Greco and some of those other guys on and it was just a bunch of fun. it wherever you download your podcast look for prostyle podcast with oral Bennett he joins me job the hood and under the hood on ESPN one thousand ESPN app so our world I'm still frustrated about this past Thursday a week ago we were watching the bears and the Packers and I just I just thought that this is a game where the bears can be able to show something and the game that the Packers could be had when you watch that was your reaction afterwards. I was hurt to be honest I came to the game with anticipation of seeing the progression of metric or do you want to really see a teen take that next leap that they should. coming off of a really good season that in it also double don't like it so when I got to the field gnostics idea walking around it Chicago Bears field and you know you can just feel the energy coming from the fans and probably the second quarter I was just discuss that with the offense in the reason why because there seems like there haven't been any maturation as it relates to Mr Chubais ski in his ability to go through the progression to go from receiver one all the way to four in being hit the check down so watching the game it was frustrating that bother me a lot in the guy behind me just slammed it happened at last. so it it was so the what. yeah so listen would you saying that it makes a lot of sense because you just try to get into the end zone you do have weapons you just have to connect so so what do you say to a quarterback has your teammate that has issues with the offense because you have sixteen of these and I eat last out of fifteen you've been in that locker room what is it what do you do to be able to kind of talk up a quarterback to get them in the right headspace to perform. yeah well you really just want to be able to build his confidence because watching him throw the ball he doesn't seem very confident in his arm strength for his decision making so as a receiver I go to and say Hey man I got your back let's do this let's quiet all the knowledge out around you let's just go out here and play football because that's all it's about getting about what people say ESPN WGN knowledge of the station all that matters is what we think of you in this locker room and we know that you can be our quarterback so that would be my intention to go to him try to build his confidence and say Hey let's do this let's get this thing on a role because they have a lot of play makers like this is the most played make that I've seen on the bare seen in a very long time you have three very good running backs or receiver course led by Alan Robson who had a phenomenal game but out I love this game and you have guys that can play is this a good idea listen to so I think those guys just need to rally around continue to build his confidence and say we got your back at the end of the day we're here we're around with let's do this I just think that as much as everyone around here would love to see Mr misty turn into Patrick homes are to shot Watson I I can see that that's not who he is at least not at this point in time but I think that what you talked about is is a salient point our role in that yeah okay so used to lock in a one receiver and I want to take my hat off to the the Packers defense too because they is stronger Williams that we are making a quarterback today meaning that we are gonna let him run you can't run out of pocket to get extra yards because we did that a lot last year you're going to have to get back there in the pocket and you have to try to find receivers connect to them and outside of a couple really nice you know shoulder throws to Allen Robinson there wasn't a lot there and in forgot to play in the preseason the guy that you can see a lot of that to. it does look like the first game of preseason it really. yes so the scene said the entire offseason to study that may be in the mix the whole time right so as a D. coordinate you want to look at all of image tendencies you want to see what he feels comfortable with what formation he looks to primarily and then you go from there and so you do your due diligence what's gallon and it was evident that the Packers new coach David like he knew exactly what the restaurant even some of the defensive players like animals he knew exactly how to play minutes when you explain deep very decide we got over to get the interception in so I think you just got to go back to the drawing board and say Hey we we got it we gotta get passes game I know you don't want to talk about it some other players within the team they want to talk about it but you have to acknowledge alone don't want to be able to four because if not you're going against a demo defense that really knows you clean Vic Fangio he was there the entire year so he understands the tendency of coach Nagy nothing coming out this game if they don't come out five. it's gonna be a long day in the mile high city for Chicago Bears. Bennett with Jonathan herd on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app okay so in you in this locker room a knife to to know how to be able to answer these questions so all I'm coming to your locker and you're pissed off because you don't see me after a loss I guess was the Packers right but I can do my job and I got the Mike right some say a role because it's the locker room after a loss so it is more like. a difficult loss for you guys you know what stood out about the game for you guys the game plan. it's a to that. yes so my answer to that would be that we didn't execute we were able to run the floor when a football efficiently and we just failed as a team because we look at not just a step box and look at the stadium we played poorly we damn place Chicago Bears football especially from the office standpoint like I'm just going to call out the entire office because we didn't do our job the teacher and those guys played very well I mean data Iraqis to ten points like you look like a average quarterback that game in so whenever you have a generation of defense like the bare facts I'm I'm going to take the blood you come to my walkie talkie but yeah the office we don't play well we got a pic this crap up because that's unacceptable we got to do better. so why didn't why didn't say that see that's about that's it perfect yeah like you would give like some of that like it's a locker room so you'll probably gave me like ten seconds that because you don't want to stop by for because you try to get out of there but Sam time though for Mitch to come up in the in his thing it's one thing to lose and then speed afterwards it's one thing to lose and not want to talk about it all that's a problem what would J. J. wasn't different everything right and he's got to use just like you to move his head around he's not really use is trying to get to the press conference it didn't seem like you stress about anything even though he's probably really stress but you can't tell because his face but at least Jay would have answered the question the way you want to answer it but but the idea that you know you talked you talk once and then we ask you again about Hey you know what you learn from the Green Bay game that you want to change for the Denver game and he's our coaches when we talk about it that don't you can lose but don't be soft right right he said that and then make you come back and say we have no clue where you get that from right it's a silly no one in the field and told him to say that. I'm baffled now so wait what happened so you mean to tell me that message may all this up he then avoid the media just because he played poorly like no like that's not what you want out of your franchise quarterback you watch a franchise quarterback to come to the podium to say yeah I'm messed up I didn't play a good game I need to get better I have to watch them and figure out how am I able to really take this thing to the next level and show them that I'm all in because doing that in the media in Chicago Indiana coach come back out and don't back you that is a very very bad look and we know that the media Chicago he their deal way for their next chance the documents. yeah this this is not North Carolina brought likely find out like what. even the girl that love you would have done that.

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