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Now that that that yesterday's podcast was one for the record books. He that guy. Never sent me information on how to pay. It was all the scam. I'll explain it to you. And we'll try to give them another call. We have time. You have a comment. Go ahead, sir. What is your comment on Norwood? Norwood is that your name in how you were treating people. Yes. Well, I don't think you traded that man. Very good Monday. And I was listening you may woman cry on. I can't nor would I don't do. It intentionally. I don't even know why you do that you need to be more elected. That handsome intelligent fella that usually doing the show with you all my God. This guy has to be a setup. Yeah. He's way he's way more rude than I am not he's married to that beautiful woman. Well, listen what you don't know. Is that I taught that guy everything he knows? No you. Yes. I did. I don't believe it. Well, I did. Thank you for your comments. He's not a handsome intelligent fellow. He's an all right guy. I'll tell you that. He's all right. You got to be a deputy before your share of them. Yeah. That's what you did fam-. All right. Nor would appreciate that. Anyway. Matt your turn what's going on that? Sir. Our today. What's happening? Well, I bought a truck in two thousand seventeen from Solter Ford. And did you buy new, sir? Bron brand new. Yes, sir. Okay. What's going on? Well, since September of last year, I've been losing my fifth and sixth years in that truck and soldier Harford has done their best as long how many miles on it. Right around nineteen thousand loud. This is like a new truck. It is a new truck. That's why I'm perturbed and you're losing what gears. I and my six okay, come on. Now. Somebody's got to know what's going on. Well, they do I finally after five months of fighting my dump truck I was able to retrieve an error code. Yeah. For my local dealership debar Ford. Yeah. And now filter for stuck between Ford Motor Company and getting repaired on is it out of warranty. Nope. It's got one hundred thousand mile warranty on why what do you mean? They're stuck is Ford refusing to fix it. Or what what am I not hearing? So what you're not hearing is that they are blaming a T mobile GPS wifi tracking system on my truck for the repair. Even though the GPS system was purchased on. I guess it would be one twenty two of nineteen. And the last issue that I died over on Ville passing lost my gears polling load happened on. Well. After that. So mad they're saying that a GPS module somehow is causing. But is it is it because of the computer in shifting patterns and all of that they're saying it's interfering. That's what they're saying. Even though I purchased the unity in order to pay the code because four could never find it. Because my system in my truck can what it repeats. Are. You calling it a are you talking about a GPS? Did you say, yes, it's a GPS? It's called a T mobile seek to plug in the OB. And what is it used for provides? Find the truck that you can use your computer system and also track vehicle, this is this is very strange. I like the idea now when you plug this in it provides why five but how does it get its connection? Connection to that truck through the onboard computer system that you plug it underneath your feet, but. You pay you pay for a sell a number or service..

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