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Without hesitation river. Walk security guard initially heard demand screams and threw him a life ring until police arrived. Officers say the man apparently had too much to drink and decided to go for swim. Authorities are investigating the cause of a kennel fire that killed thirty one dogs into page county fire broke out yesterday morning at the kennels near west Chicago. A sheriff's deputy and firefighters were able to rescue dozens of dogs many of which were brought to the debates county animal center in Wheaton with a variety of injuries. Investigators say the cause of the fire does not appear to be suspicious. Cook County prosecutors have requested a three month extension on a deadline to return indictments against Chicago alderman, Ed Burke, he's facing attempted extortion. Charges accused of using his political position to solicit business for his private law firm, if the judge grants, the delay Burke wouldn't appear in court again until after the February twenty six election. He's running for a thirteenth term. On the city council. The new deadline for dates would be made third Vic Vaughn WGN. News man, convicted of killing Chicago teenager who DEA Pendleton in two thousand thirteen is going to prison for a long time. Mike, you'll ward is sentenced to eighty four years behind bars after proclaiming his innocence ward was found guilty in August of murder and aggravated battery in high DEA Pendleton death at south side park, his codefendant, Kenneth Williams still faces sentencing after being convicted of acting as the getaway driver. Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is just days away from finding out what his sentence will be WGN's. Andrea darlas reports nearly two hundred letters of support have been submitted the letters from family members and fellow officers asking for a lighter sentence. Van Dyke was convicted last October of second degree murder and sixteen counts of aggravated battery in the shooting death of Liqun McDonald, one letter was from Van Dyke daughter. She says she's been bullied at school and can't sleep at night. The second is from Van Dyke mother who says her son loves and adores his family a third letter. Was from an officer who says Van Dyke was acting out of duty, not malice. Andrea darlas WGN new Carol Channing, the legendary Broadway actress who portrayed Dali Levy in. Hello. Dolly has died..

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