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A matter of pass catchers available for this team. You have Chris, HOGAN, your Philip door set. You've Cordeiro Patterson. Those are your wide receivers. That's all. And on door said in Paterson we've really seen nothing out of them their entire career. Meanwhile, we've seen James white, be extremely productive seventy two targets last year eighty six targets the year before. Yes, he will not be the primary running back, but is a flex option, especially in a PR league or a half point PR league at think that he is going to be a usable guy for rather or week. I'd rather start James white than I would might Gillislee. I'd rather start him over Adrian Peterson week one. So there you go. James light is going to be a valuable, pass catcher on this team, and you know, they don't have a lot right now. They don't say that they can go to. So I think James white is a steel. I've seen him being picked up on waiver wires. I think people are feeling the same way, but if you have a chance to get him, I'm fully on board. Yep. And he, I still strongly prefer the other guys, you know, birkhead as in the past catching role, but whites. I don't know what else the pats were going to do man. If you're in a PR, he'll catch enough to be relevant. You start Gillislee or James light chase. That would be a league dependent thing. If it's a standardly Leslie, half point, half point. Half point, I would probably start Gillislee. All right. Let's get in the mail back. Mailbag. If you have a question, we'll go to the fancy footballers dot com. Click the submit a question button or dial voicemail hotline. Three zero two, four, six, four f..

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