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Now, he's we don't know if to Mary Thomas or manual Sanders are going to be traded before the deadline today. So we need to talk about it from both sides. But if you look at the snap percentage, the amount of snaps Coralline Sutton is getting its slightly below Damaris Thomas kind of in the same range as Mary Thomas over the last few weeks. He is the rising star of the team. And this makes sense for Denver to go. Get something for a player that's going to be a free agent into Mary's. Thomas a big cap hit or I'm sorry. He's got one year left does. Yeah. That's I was just one year let but look he's not part of their future. No, end Cortlandt Sutton, getting more opportunity this year to develop is important and for fantasy owners, it's huge because Sutton is a touchdown monster. He is a big play monster. Her. So how do you value Sutton? How do you adjust your bidding on Sutton based on whether or not a trade happens? If a trade does happen. I'm you know, I always say ten percent of the budget is usually my cap for a wide receiver because I'm always picking different guys up. I'm looking short term. But if DT is traded, I see Cortlandt Sutton as the chance to be a wide receiver to rest of season. And if you've got a guy that you can plug in and start him weakened weak out. I'm willing to spend twenty twenty five percent of my budget on Cortlandt Sutton. But that's only you will know by you know, by that time when you have to make your bid if Damaris Thomas was traded. And if you're the Broncos, if I you know, John Elway I trade to marry Thomas for anything you offer me a fifth rounder. I would say, yes, it's good for my team to get rid of the contract and give Cortlandt Sutton, more work. We're not winning anything this year. It's it's just. Win win his contract. Just for quick context. Next year. He would be a seventeen and a half million dollar cap hit earning thirty two. You can easily argue that Thomas has lost part of his game. An or they could just cut him for a three and a half dead cap. So if they don't trade him, I would widely suspect that Thomas will be cut so trade him for whatever you can get. And if you're in a keeper league, I would I would bid up a little bit more too. Because at the end of the season Sutton could be a keeper worthy type of guy for Jay Glazer just talked about the fact that the Amari Cooper trade him going for a one has over inflated a number of the asks around the league. So right now a lot of the maybe teams are calling that the prices are too high NFL GM's Jerry Jones has already spent his first round pick. So you're saying Mary Thomas should go for Dallas second round loud and clear, although it'd be so great that'd be so great. We fixed. Looking at some other wideouts. I wanna bring up while they're several names owner bringing let's start with DJ more rookie wide out and Carolina just on the kind of on the heels of Sutton last week was his highest snaps. I believe on the Seila. Yes. Second most routes run of the of the wide receiver position. Like it. It had to do a Torrey Smith not being on the field ninety as well as it's time. It's now time to get the first round rookie wide receiver going as they make their push towards the playoffs. Their schedule is solid you fantasy wider. See you. See that coming out of a bye for the rookie. Right. Okay. We had our by week. We're pushing for with the rookie. That's a great sign yet. And now this week you get Tampa Bay. Oh, yeah. I mean, this is DJ more is absolutely in the conversations to me. It's it's ironic because I looked through and I start picking out the names of who. I would say are my primary pickup. They're all rookie wide receivers for me other than one guy. It's it's like the week. This is the week of rookie wide receiver opportunity at least and seeing if they can come through. But DJ Moore is a great pickup against Tampa Bay. And he's got elite talent. And now if the opportunities there with the match up, that's the trial. I would say the what did he say that triumphant?.

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