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The front line for your family insured by NCUA twelve eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks the mobile crew on the move on the beltway interlude in prince George's county now the delays after the Baltimore Washington parkway toward four fifty they should be along the right side out of live delays after branch Avenue toward Pennsylvania Avenue with the two right lanes getting by the work the Baltimore Washington parkway flows in both directions south on after the bell way toward four ten north bound after two oh two toward for ten the left lane is blocked in both ways with the work eighty five Bucky's town pike north of eighty fingerboard road traffic was alternating around the debris issue in St Mary's county north bound to thirty five near California Boulevard was under police direction for the crash and work on I. ninety seven northbound from fifty toward one seventy eight in the right lane southbound I. ninety seven near new cut road is where the pothole patching crew was last seen it is just a single right lane getting you by north bound on two seventy delays approaching and passing one twenty one the work on the left side southbound New Hampshire Avenue after the beltway near oakview Dr the right lane was getting by the work and eastbound fifty in a delay near Cape Sinclair headed to the bay bridge toll plaza often on volume getting across the bridge it is a single left lane getting by the work westbound the right lane is blocked with the work two left lanes get you buy without delay in Virginia westbound sixty six near twenty nine in Centerville the broken down vehicle should be clear from the right side the same thing on southbound three ninety five near seminary road the broken down and being in the right lane protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home care about pest control for free inspection eight eight eight eight eight eight home or home paramount dot com I read a Kessler WTOP traffic our storm team four four day forecast Emily draper I wish we could box this up and roll it out daily I totally agree it's beautiful out there the sun is shining or warmer than yesterday and there's a nice breeze at times.

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