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March either uh maybe early probably ninety five ninety six okay republican then heatedly because you're not usually receivers because they're so far away from the football like to be heard if the football doesn't find them we'll her position was and if it from being seen as a lot better to me and hurt so i trust me i wanted the football whole lot more than you know i led on but okay and i think i gathered enough not what's wrong but then by before let you go let's talk about lishtvan okay because your numbers are hall of fame worthy absolutely you are not in canton right now unfortunately i know there's a what do you how do you take that the fact that year in year out it's something you can control andrew stand but how do you approach that 'cause i've i've been around a lot of all time greats like harry carson who says i don't want even know about any more take me out of the mix i see others that are just waiting around where do you stand against get some one of those that sweden the round but i don't think them itally weeding around i mean it's it's this is the culmination of a cap of my football career is part of the dream um you know my numbers of what they are uh in ah you know what i liked it tuesday's point disappointed though than you know and as as a pretty much i can do it in a magazine a question that's post to me about my playing career and my numbers in on answer them is honestly as okay are you one of the best of all time isaac bruce absolutely absolutely and i of know for years i call myself the best so yes why do you think some people need to be convinced that then you know what i am i'm not sure at an hour i won't say it's the market in which i played uh i think uh you know as far as uh intangibles as far as we see was is concerned i think i checked every box um play hard when i had to play hard uh did everything i was asked the do and i produce on football field and if longevity please portnet outplayed along times will you she did uh if you clayton today's game what would you numbers.

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