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We didn't know we were like it's a niche mitch market we just want to do it because it we liked it you know and and it's what we know we convinced them to to send us and they listen this was in motion before the us ms damn crap out of world cup contention so this was already a thing but it goes to show you the response the reception how great spin and maybe there's something more there and it's been dude it's been a lot of fun it's been hectic at times having to deal with you and how neurotic you can get when it comes to all things mexico but it's it's really been fun rewarding and it's it's kind of connected me to people in a different way the next year we we talked about this before all maksim her representation matters and the idea that there's a couple of mexican american kids on sportscenter talking about the mexican national team in english was a decision that people way up of our cities pan made you take this with grants all right i'll absolutely say you know if you want to do this as me kissing my bosses but that's fine but they made a decision and not every network out there makes that decision not investment investment we know what it costs yes cheap for you meet adam do this trip was cheap i mean let's just go per second it's transportation if for its transportation wholesale it's transportation while you're in russia it security it's translators it's guy we got like a five person team here i it's it's a lot of work effort that goes into giving you guys all this content and so look here's why i wanted to bring that up this podcast was started for this coverage of the world cup and no one ever said this is a show you guys are gonna do indefinitely no one ever said they said hey we're going to send you to the world cup and we want you to start a podcast around that i now believe that we have stumbled into or and somehow also fought for something very special and so if you like this show let us know about it not not to boost our egos but so that we can can convince our bosses moving forward that do on three is a thing worth keeping around there's a decision that has to be made help us make and we've talked about we just touched the surface here when we got guys like said healed up on the show when we got guys like john sutcliffe on the show we got guys like tom marshall on the show like there's so much here and so i think like i just put out a thing on twitter hey we're getting ready to the last show send me all your questions well we're an hour into this final episode is wrap up episode so we want a little bit longer we don't have time to get to it there's i think he must have retreated because there's like one hundred i haven't returned anything well then there's look look at my look at my mentions these are all questions from the last like i have like two thousand followers and these are these are all things that they want us to talk about how the world cup in korea highlighted how the next generation of maxim players aren't very good i mean that's that's one of.

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