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I'm happy i so yeah. We'll move back because most people listening probably yeah so on house like during high school like which. Abc table at like. How would you say tips. I guess on each or something Karnal order to human jarvi freshman year. It was interesting. I enjoyed the class. I didn't think the exam. Because i didn't think i'd do that. Well on it. But looking back. I probably should have because it. Because the examiners that hard you really think about it like they're important but they're not that hard so i probably should have done it. It's worth the money like the unit are with the money only ninety five. Yeah like they're not wrong. Though it's ninety five. Seems like a big number now but like each quarter. Davis is a five thousand life. I kind of i would take the ninety five over that any day So that was fun. But i didn't take them so i have nothing to say about that. One i wish i grover. I think she's still teaches. I liked her Yeah teachers is really fun. I enjoyed it a lot. software year took physics. Ap physics with a mislead. I read that class too. I mean i was a physics major at the beginning so it must have been something i don't know i just kind of liked it. Like physics was kind of fun but it was really like the basics of physics. Like i didn't really get a good deal of but yet until college and then That's the rest of it. Yeah no but for that class. Understanding the concepts really helps a lot. They're not that hard either. You just think about it. It should be fine junior year. I took psychology and calc. Ab and lang. Yeah english competition language at that one lang. I don't know much of that. Had owing it was all right. That one was kind of just what i learned there. But i guess it's just knowing vocabulary kind of helped. How would you say is knowing like those rhetorical devices and like stuff like that. I think that's important..

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