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A couple of problems to deal with north ballots tied up as you making your way from one seventeen and bolted all the way up to reward eleven of because of a multi car crash there traffic does pop free once you get by there and then continue northbound line 495 you'll be five for a while but as you continue further north you're going to hit some delays up just north of route 3 getting by route 38 where we have a multi car crash there as well they have been able to move that off to the side of the road and the traffics moving through there are a little bit better problem along route one a as you make your way toward the summer title we've got some traffic problem with a crash a truck at a car and ball by boardman street push the traffic belt backed of bell circle the tobin bridge traffic backs to the center bad the somers just sluggish through the tunnel the williams looks good lower deck of 93 just hangs up getting into from route sixteen but the liberdad ramp remains jammed on storrow drive and stirrer remains heavy and slow making your way toward the mass average and edged jammed up on the eastbound side as well for mass avin delivered looking at some heavy delays on soldiers feel road periphery straight all the way down toward mass avid the traffic is heavily tied up across mass at both directions the turnpike eastbound is guarding gotten a little bit heavier again back out to newton corner and the westbound side the the the the westbound traffic is heavy from the expressway right into the tunnel next update is at nine fifty three would wbz's traffic up to you at a case of the mondays is i just need at me could wait on cbs is just what the doctor ordered i'm about to show you something that i haven't show to eighty one a paycheck jones said kevin james i thought everybody would enjoy a little crew guy it's it's critical frenchlanguage police are here take me away tv's number one comedy i just heard the.

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