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Did you let those planes go back in the air so bowling could make money that's the only reason he is the safety commissioner and he exposed the public to an unacceptable risk which he uses the words in his testimony just see our interviews with the family of sinus doom out including consumer activist Ralph Nader her great uncle you can go to democracy now dot org the trump administration separated more than nine hundred children from their parents at the U. S. Mexico border since a San Diego federal judge ordered a halt to the practice last summer that's according to the American civil liberties union in a court filing Tuesday which claims the federal government is abusing its discretion to determine what makes a parent and fit in his motion ACLU attorney legal learnt said quote this issue has reached a critical juncture hundreds of children some literally just babies are being irreparably damage because their parent may have committed a minor offense in the past even a traffic offense he said in Mexico a Salvadoran migrant was shot to death in front of his eight year old daughter by Mexican police and the northern state of Coahuila on Wednesday night according to witnesses the father and his daughter along with at least eight others waiting for a train to continue their journey to apply for asylum in the United States one Mexican immigration agents and federal police raided the group and started shooting agents also separated a two year old toddler from their mother according to a local migrant shelter in a statement the shelter says quote the persecution of migrants in Mexico has reached an unsustainable extreme we demand an end to this institutional cruelty which is taking lives and leaving children orphaned as well as separating families and causing so much suffering provoked by the Mexican state they said in Texas Congress member well heard said Thursday he will not seek reelection in twenty twenty is the only black Republican in the house of representatives last month he was one of just four house Republicans to vote in favor of a resolution condemning president trump's racist attacks on for freshman congresswoman of color a nineteen seventy one audio recording made by Richard Nixon has been made public revealing then California governor in future president Ronald Reagan calling African people monkeys as president Nixon laughs in agreement in the recorded phone call Reagan is heard using the racist slur about African delegates to the United Nations who voted to state representatives from the people's Republic of China rather than the U. S. backed government in exile in Taiwan.

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