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A question about the whole network okay to run uh lined two different rooms in the house and when i got up in the attic to run cat six line i realized why the previous owners rand cable on the outside of the house under the eat is just no room up there to get up and work it's very low pitch route soi stumbled upon mocha adapters yeah to use the existing one of the night wanted to get your take on yeah mocha is easter net over your existing coaxial cable that cable was put in for television and so if you have co acts in every room you can use mocha you've got it's expensive because you have to buy adapt on every and tibo supports mocha sowathat's my only experience with local because you can have a tv show in one room obviously the tables of depth to the cable tv show and other roman they can share as if they're on a network uhi would guess that mocha is like powerline networking you know which which which uses your existing power lines to send a data that it is probably not as fast as your cat six cable would be but it might be more than fast enough for for your purposes just depends what you're going to do if you're not transporting fourcade video of her it's probably fast enough there will be some aggregation of akigal box anna it i checked in the mocha was turned on on it right andi put in the appletv and testing and it was getting a hundred megabit beautiful yet because unlike your uh your wiring uh the cables got that that co access thick that's got a lot of carrying capacity and probably cable tv isn't using a lot of it now is there a compatibility issue between different models a mocha adapters rain the question it's a standard i would guess all of them would work the same but as with powerline networking it's best to use matching and point okay great.

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