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Desk. Among our headlines that we're following today, jury selection begins today as three Tacoma police officers stand trial for the killing of Manny Ellis. Ellis's family saying saying that he was the victim of racially biased deadly force. The officers though arguing that Ellis had a heart. bad They say that methamphetamine was in his system and the United Auto Workers strike against the big three US automakers has reached a fourth day. Reports say the union met with Ford and GM the over weekend and were scheduled to meet with Stellantis today. Nearly 13 ,000 auto workers remain on strike at three plants in Ohio, Michigan and Missouri. That's about 8 % of the total A .W. membership. The United States swapping money and prisoners for five Americans who have been detained in Iran. Their release the product of a complex and controversial deal cut between Biden the administration and Tehran last month. Iran and the US each exchanging five prisoners with the US also agreeing to allow Iran to access roughly $6 billion in frozen oil revenue. Among the Iranian Americans are Siamak Namazi, million. The Iranians convicting each of espionage charges they in the US deny and then sentencing them to serve 10 years behind bars in Iran's notorious Evan prison. Once the deal was revealed last month, all five Americans were moved to house arrest. The White House says strict guardrails will prevent Iran from spending the $6 billion in unfrozen funds on anything but humanitarian causes. But Republicans are blasting the deal, accusing the administration of paying a ransom. And Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he's happy to take criticism when there's always the fear that others will be taken in hopes these countries get money. ABC's Martha Raditz, members of Congress race to avoid a government shutdown. They have just 13 days left strike to a deal, but the chaos and the infighting only seems to be getting a whole lot worse. A group of House Republicans have put forth a short term funding bill. This is now on the table. This would cut federal spending, increase the number of border agents and keep the lights on for another month. But hard right conservatives are already blasting that proposal, saying they will not vote for it and will likely go nowhere in the Senate. Missing from that bill additional funding for Ukraine, the White House and leaders in the Senate want $24 billion, but a growing number of House Republicans are saying that's a nonstarter. The push for Ukraine will take center stage in Washington this week. President Zelensky is expected to meet with President Biden at the White House on Thursday, and then he's expected to travel to Capitol Hill to make another election. ABC's Rachel Scott reporting the 2024 presidential race fired up with the Iowa caucus now just four months away. ABC's M Wynne is in Washington with the GOP candidates' recently busy schedules. GOP presidential candidates are pitching their electability hoping to make a dent in former President Trump's major lead. Today, Senator Tim Scott in Iowa to talk business and manufacturing and Vice President Mike Pence in Washington to talk Chinese foreign policy. And just Friday, also in the nation's capital, former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were dueling headliners at separate Christian conservative conferences, underscoring the importance of the evangelical vote while posing the question of whether anyone can attract any of Trump's base. M Wynne, ABC News, Washington. 150. Time for our StockCharts .com money update from Frank Miller. Stocks ran out of steam this Monday, giving up some early and gains finishing the day virtually unchanged. The lackluster trading comes as investors await the Fed's interest rate decision on Wednesday. Traders also keeping an eye on the big three automakers today as the UAW strike hits its fourth day In the commodity markets, oil futures finished higher for the third straight day as investors remain concerned about a tightening in global crude oil supplies. Also a weak dollar contributing to the uptick in oil. West Texas intermediate crude up $0 .71 to settle at $91 .48 a barrel, its highest this year. And that is your money now. Monday News of 20 and 50 past each hour. We have a traffic update next with summer coming to a close. Have you been putting off work on your roof that might not make it through a wet and windy fall? Valentine roofing just opened up availability on their schedule specifically for northwest news radio listeners. So it's not too late to get that roofing project completed before the weather turns. 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