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News financial news now with for that here's Jason Brooks says in the stock market moving higher for the third straight session although well off session highs showing some weakness in the final hour of trading unlike the past two sessions when stocks rallied higher into the closing bell right now the Dow is up by fifty one points at twenty five thousand six hundred one nasdaq gaining about forty points to ninety four fifty two has a P. up sixteen points to thirty fifty two lots of bad economic data in again two point one million initial jobless claims pending home sales in April plunging by almost twenty two percent Abercrombie and Fitch suffered through a rough first quarter with revenue plunging about thirty four percent from a year earlier with big sales decline for its flagship chain and Hollister and Abercrombie sustained its biggest declines in the Asia Pacific region which went into lockdown earlier than the U. S. were retail took a bigger hit in the second quarter shares in Abercrombie down today by over eight percent of the money watch Jason Brooks KCBS we save serious cash with our progressive home an automobile can use the money to buy a new this is not a real testimonials sure customers can save big money with progressive but not enough for a new boat they'll probably spend it on brand for gas money or maybe one of those little plastic wading pools for the yard is what the captain might say on the toy boat wading pool residential internet affiliates wherever you're listening whenever you're listening get live local state national and global news right here on the bay area's number one news station KCBS no the traffic before you're stuck in it KCBS is the only bay area radio station providing live in local news about your commute around the clock one more reason why we're number one here in the bay area all news when I was six nine and A. M. seven forty KCBS when you want the story behind the story we have the debate your personal freedom versus community safety union to insider filled with fear we have these trade offs constantly live right here on K. C. B. S. at seven fifty AM and five fifty PM weekdays and download the filament here reported KCBS radio dot com KCBS for telling you how this emergency affects farmers we didn't even wash our stuff we just harvested pedestrian the boxes kids to raise animals for four H. it's a big lights out I know it's a huge part of it was shown in showing what you've done what you've worked for now cocktails to go or helping restaurants yes absolutely in Oakley but Butler KCBS KCBS is hoping to stay connected for more go to radio dot com slash stay connected CBS news time twelve twenty eight first for traffic here's George well we've pretty much cleared things up on interstate eighty up near back available the eastbound and westbound no longer delayed between back of bill and Dick sent by the earlier occurring accidents.

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