Health Insurance, Donald Trump Negociator, Thirty Day discussed on Hugh Hewitt



Thirty day or shortterm extension now this is can clots so much art 'but everywhere heads were exploding explain to people why well you know this is obviously that's a chip is a children's health insurance program it's something that's popular republicans and democrats no one wants to see kids fall off of health insurance and so the idea is can we figure out some way now ship is actually has to get refunded every couple of years and so now running up against another funding deadline much like with the government of the question is are they going to figure out some what you permanently extend the funding of a challenges this is something both parties want but it creates a little bit of a prisoner's dilemma and it also means at its subject to the kind of hostagetaking that we've seen these negotiations reasons the problem we have is everyone wants to get this done but unfortunately you know it's been a challenge it's been a challenge against the angle meaning that it it's one of the things that bring democrats to the table for a short term it donald trump negociator does not want to give away the chip that his chip for a thirty day think however that's the best he can do because right now they're also getting a suspension the medical device tax you and i have talked about before the cadillac tax would you explain to people what the cadillac tax is basically what obamacare did as it put in place a tax on certain what are called high value plan so people who get very very generous health insurance plans from their employers over a certain value that a certain amount of that value that is going to be taxable to the employers to the ideas at some point employers may start to scale back their plants so this is not been very popular as you can imagine and so the republic look at.

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