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Their gift as an actor is it's because asia became famous in billions. I know people probably think they're like taylor. And yes they're jenine binary also but they're nothing like taylor and that. Yeah the distance. The gulf between who educate dylan is and who taylor. Mason is so big. Yes i mean. The first time i met him. I was like thank god. This is the nicest person i've ever met in my entire life there so warm they're so welcoming. I was scared of this show up. And i'd be like looking at taylor and it would be like i would die. That's the amazing thing. When you know when action is called asia's just day taylor boom on there. Is they do so much work there. So they're so deep as victors online even though she says she's not like online. I mean she saw online so twitter instagram. Nanotech talk anymore. I guess now. I had to go. My brain was. I mean it was the most fun app of my life. I had the best time of my life. I gotta go back. It's the most fun you gotta get in there. It's it's so much fun but you'd find on social media you can find me out. Brian compliment on twitter. Billions comes back. September fifth kicks ass and then season six com right on the heels of it. If more of advocating ass. I mean not nothing no clayton promise. Big we can't someday please. Maybe all right everybody thanks. We'll see you next time thanks..

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