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He's gonna get old. I just don't know that. Plus two eighty five is enough to vote on or the vote with gas for me. It's not for me to go against a great many baggio and you get back to eighty to eighty five whatever it is. It's not enough for me. Not not for me. I agree with you. Well with that said brandon craving my bobber at westside bobber in santa monica. Get the sheer sharpened up with sending the jet for you. I need a haircut. Teddy said it. It's official teddy. Thanks for being with us today. Those let me throw one other thing. Can i guess before we close shop here Talking about newspaper writers. We've talked about a little bit. I like i said jerry izenberg mea culpa before we went on the air i also got a call from does not too. Many real right is left in his country that cover boxing. I mean you got the internet stuff. Some of them are good. Some of them are You know Some of them just for their meals. Whoever's paying a bill you know The promoters whatever they write favorable. But there's some there was some websites that are real genuine authentic have credibility but the one thing that there's really not anymore. There's no right is out there that right for newspapers. They've they've gone the way of the dinosaur like they've barely they don't really exist anymore but there's one that is a good writer. Josh pita over usa today. They don't do a lot of stuff on boxing really but they do. You know if it's a big enough fight of his fat. They do some judge peter from usa today. He called me Earlier this morning and he. He asked me if i had seen a fight. And i will talk about these fights. And i said food fight and i had no idea Mom and al lee's nephew of believe was his nephew. Alleys nephew fought his pro debut. I guess in the last few days and if he scored a one round knockout and he wanted to know what i thought of so of course i told him i didn't even know he fought. I didn't see it. So he's he's sending me the video. It's short it's one round. i'll look at it. I'll get back to him to let him know what i. Obviously the name is. What attracts everybody. We understand that The lineage does he have anything like the. You know like his uncle. But i'll get back to him today when i look at the footage of it but i just wanted to bring it up. That alleys nephew fought. And that i will report on it next week after i look at it as i said i'll get back to judge. Usa today let him know what i thought. But then i'll let you know can rob and all all great fans for the ones that are interested just in the name of the great name of mohammed ali. His nephew can his nephew could carry it on in a ring to any kind of level. So i'll i'll report back to you guys like dutiful soldier of report back on. Look at it tell you what my breakdown of. It is obviously as josh peter. Who's a good writer. So he's he understands the deal. Obviously the palmer was not any elk Not if any you know level But no different than than most of these opponents when you go nagai up early on you usually not fighting anybody of any level until you get past the first half dozen or more fights so That's usually the says. Usually the journey is used the way they do it. So anyway You know what. I'm just thinking because when you're fighting these early fights you're you're you're fighting real. The the had chosen as times would say you bring your music you know and so you never know. I'm just wondering it makes me think for second as i'm saying it now maybe that's why you haven't heard from your balba wonder if you took one. I wonder you've been typically taking care. Have you been taking cam appropriately. Koa's asked a. i always ask the bobber. What's the best tip you got this week and try to be in that context. Because i never wanna wait for an appointment. Well i hope so. Because i'd hate to find out that he was you opponent for alex. Nephew that's why you can't find him. He's a pretty tough guy he might. He might be up for the challenge. I'm sure you were listening. He's gotta deal with you. I'm sure he is mentally tough. I'm sure he is thank steady. Well listen it was great talking as always thanks for all the comprehensive breakdowns appreciate it. Thanks to all the fans for tuning in. Please subscribe like the video share comment. You know the drill. Thanks for being with us and we'll be back next week with a breakdown of mohammed ali's grandson and the pack yow who goes fight. Thanks for being with us. See next week..

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