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Game this year. I can't go to any due to my schedule. And due to the pandemic right. I give him to my brother my friends. I've got a fifty yard line seats on the visiting side. That are so like maybe ten. Rose up I love it and Yeah i love my teams. The only team that i i still love the balls but i am all in on the clippers and have been for a number of years now. I have season tickets in the clippers. I'll be there On saturday night when we play memphis. I'll be there monday. I'm captured the game on monday night. Well you know who i by the way. It's really sad share. You got to wrap it up now. But i i. It's really sad. My favorite player on the clippers is not a player. I love st bomber so much. Oh yeah. I won't follow him anywhere. The the richest owner in sports is the most caring owner in sports. He loves his team. He does what's best. And by the way i become friendly with his passion. It's like only all owners really cared. I'm i'm sure cares about the business end of things. But he is passionate about the sport. He is passionate about his team. That's what you want in your owner. Soccer teams in london owned by american assholes. I feel bad for them. It's not right it's not right. Yeah well he is. One of the great characters in sports is no doubt in other character but also know a really good man and his son one of his songs to stand up. And he's really nice. I and you. I was gonna say you're one of the great characters in television history on site whenever i hear anything like that. I am honored it. Because i look i knew i wanted to be comedian at eight years old so i'm living what i've always wanted one of the lucky people that has always known and even before eight only at eight. I saw jimmy durante with my parents perform and on the way home i ask them at. That was a job and they said yes. I said that's the job that i want prior to. That was the funniest kin school. But i know it was a job we. I'm glad it worked out for you because the entertainment i've gotten from curb is i can comprehend it so i thank you for coming on and love your column. I dig it. Thank you question. sure. And i don't want you getting in trouble for this and i really know you're in a reverend guy. I read your stuff. Thank you. I keep on getting things to subscribe again to sports. Illustrated right your. What are your thoughts. So variety is the writing. Sure it's not a frank ford years but is there is there. Are there some still some some excellent writing absolutely. We have a daily cover every single day. That's a great indepth story. There's still great coverage across the board for sports. Yeah you should absolutely subscribe and the people who run a care about it yes absolutely absolutely subscribing. Today that also goes into your pocket. Ups pay you. They'd say we don't. I don't want you ever getting laid off if i if i could sell you a subscription. That would help me for sure. Said thank you go. You know my favorite writer as jones. Joe poznansky yeah. He used to be a sports illustrated writer. Yeah i subscribe and checkout. I daily cover every day. You'll enjoy it. I enjoy your column. Thank you so curb..

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