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Ideology doesn't have a plan doesn't promise them jobs or or a bright future you just basically connecting and and that's his modus up around one of the things Joe will bring with them all the way maybe almost eight political. But he's connected to people in the black community. They'd never seen the politician like that. He wins by unjust under three thousand votes and even today everybody says that was the black took took him across the nation. You know what? I? Would mouses he likes to be called says about Biden decades ago is almost exactly Jim Clyburn said the highest ranking African. American. In Congress and obviously this force of Nature in South Carolina who? Believe delivered the State to Biden which change the whole dynamic the race. Did you not see the parallels between mouse and his description of Biden is relationship to the black community Jim Clyburn decades later. It's a pretty amazing thing. About Biden and and those kind of moments with people Remember when Biden finally goes to the Senate. He's taken under the wing of he's devastated. His wife has died. He's just destroy. He he he he says it will do it for six months and who takes him under their wing Winkler besides Mike Mansfield the segregation of senators from the South Delaware's marginally Celtics Thurman and all those guys and they pull them in. So on the one hand, he's connected in a very personal way. The very good retail politician connecting in a very personal way to blacks at the same time that he's being nurtured and going along with. Eye Politically. But going personally all the all the many of the segregation senators that are in the club the you know the men of the Senate of say. So you paint the contras I'm sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. Jim Quickly, you paint the contrast. So brilliantly throughout between these two men, but to me nothing is more stark contrast. Then how they deal with issues of race used to you talk about the Central Park five which are Ben knows about when trump took out full page ad wanted them executed. He's not just angry at them hates them etc and then West lowry of formerly the globe in the Washington Post who won a Pulitzer Prize at like nine years old was. This. Brilliant brilliant thing of drawing connections between trump's obsession with the central park five and that obviously continues to this day even when they've been exonerated and his decades A.. and His career is president. Here's lowery. Trump found a way to insert himself.

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