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If you don't respond to the twenty twenty cents your community could miss out on funding for social services like Medicare and Medicaid every man woman and child in the U. S. county every ten years it's the census and its importance as the number of residents in our state grows so does the amount of funding we receive so stand up and be counted for Maryland it secure and confidential shape your future delight your senses at twenty twenty senses that god sports oreos are feeling pregnancy recovering after having a malignant tumor removed from his colon a man saying he had a career here from all over last season finishing with thirty five home runs ninety seven RBIs and to not go in batting average there will be NBA action for at least there will be no NBA action for every thirty days due to the court of ours jazz guard Donovan Mitchell became the second NBA player to test positive for covert nineteen yesterday National Hockey League suspending its season because of coronavirus and the regular season is scheduled to end on April fourth with the Stanley Cup and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman made the decision yesterday but wanted to speak with the board of governors before making the decision there is no timetable for the season to resume and the NFL continuing with the start of the new league next week about has canceled its annual meeting later this month due to the corona virus panic players are still expected to vote on the new CBA by Saturday at the start of the year begins Wednesday free agency signing period also starts next week your lottery numbers from Wednesday evening four to seven is your pick three or pick four five four seven three and are your up to date on the morning drive with Casey and the WCB in the studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solution call Ross Perot you today for that solution for ten to six six eleven twenty for.

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