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News is sponsored by Shane company while Americans are being encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing that message isn't necessarily being hated people in cities across the country reported bars and restaurants being packed with people over this St Patrick's day weekend for more now we're joined on the KCBS ring central news line by consumer psychologist and professor emerita at Golden Gate university KDR okay thanks for joining us my pleasure so what's going on here I mean and that you know it seems like the message has been sent out public health officials are speaking and yet bars and restaurants packed is this denial or what and yet is exactly right so generally this will tend to be our our younger part of our population who just by virtue of their age tend to feel a little more bulletproof than older people in our population and maybe they haven't been fully informed on the fact that although they are less likely to get the virus they're just as likely to transmit it to others so while they're nesting up to other people in bars restaurants and spring break and so forth you know there possibly when they go home or interact with older people are less healthy people you know they're still likely to pass along the virus but you're thinking about themselves unfortunately in there thinking about you know they're probably rationalizing that you know they they need to do something to distract themselves from the anxiety of what's going on sure so what do we need to be more stringent than about the message that yet while it might not be just about you you know think of your grandma or grandpa right yeah well that's actually what they're saying in Italy now is that if they had actually made them more of a policy and led to the suggestion they wouldn't have gotten to this point and some people I think are wondering if we need to make this more of a policy that things have to be enforced more fully or bars and that shouldn't be allowed to stay open past a certain timer and so on and so on because apparently we can't trust everybody to social distance on their own so with that said I mean do you think it would be more effective at this point I mean we're talking about younger people and like you said in many cases denial what what's it gonna take in terms of a message of full quarantine in order to get people to stay home okay let's hope not because I think most people and I should say most young people also are doing this they are social distancing it's really just you know it's really a small percentage of you but it does tend to be you that are ignoring the messages partly because they feel healthy and they feel like they're not going to get it but also because there's you know a really strong psychological imperative for young people to be with the people you know at this point in their life you're figuring out who they are through their social interactions and you know they're looking for a lot of what you put it that way and so I think they have less social structure to rely on and and they want to be out and about and they're rationalizing being out and about most young people though I think are being really responsible about this but for those that aren't that are being selfish that are you know unable to think about the greater good I'm not sure what the answer is maybe you know starting with closing places where people are congregating in big numbers you mentioned the psychological imperative I meet not just with the young people but in your opinion you know how much is this really taking its toll in terms of psychological health fund people overall I think a great deal really I I you know it's a it's a it's a a lot of anxiety for people to manage and typically when we feel anxious we want to do two things we want to we want to do things we want to go out and try to fix things I organize things well we're not supposed to be doing sex and then secondly we want to be with other people to calm ourselves we're not supposed to do that either so well let's just say my phone's been ringing off the hook I think if people are trying to connect by chatting on the phone by texting by watching movies but you know we're just a few days didn't hear so imagine the consequences further on down the road people are resilient and figure out a way to make this happen for people that don't have social structures in place I think it'll be really difficult and we're going to have to try to find ways to include everybody and not leave other people people isolated in the US but yeah I think it's for sure really emotionally difficult for all of us sure it did it really I feel as if it really puts us in a rock and a hard place because at times like this so as you mentioned it's when you really are craving that connection then you're not supposed to be exactly right absolutely yeah get thanks so much for joining us appreciated that so I can't yaro is a consumer psychologist and professor emerita at Golden Gate 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