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I think about that. I say I never heard of this in my life. The he was a P. H.. I don't know that it's true. I I don't know what he did. But if it's it's true just define irony Honky tonk man as a physical education teacher that is IRA i Ronnie L.. Well Twenty twenty. Your favorite stories and I didn't realize was getting going researching the show that happened. You know around December number January here. This is remarkable. The job he refused to do was around star. Cade do you remember that. I don't remember the incident. I don't remember the van to the venue. I just remember the incidents you know. It's it's pretty clear in my mind but you know the background of it. I don't remember could have been one of my favorite bischoff lines ever is if I could wake up every day and fire the Hawk tonk man one more time every day it would be the best possible way to start my I know it. Would you know cup of coffee. You know stretch out a little bit. Take the dog for a walk and fire the Honky Tonk man. That'd be lots of they love it when you've got a case of the red ass. Let's keep it going here. Stop Ban. You're really going to get their. Ns here meltzer right. Supposedly W Lisa losses this year are going to be cut three and a half million. As opposed to the five to six million in previous years but that figure is misleading because Hogan Sour comes from Turner Turner Home Entertainment Sledger Rather Than W W ledger and Hogan between salary and bonuses and percentages would be no less than two point seven million in probably considerably hire for his six months so the real losses are the highest ever because of this there is considerable pressure to cut those losses by knocking about half a million off the payroll and and you can imagine the internal fighting over whose friends paycheck gets nailed. I know you're gonNA blow a gasket but they're hugging salary come from the Turner Are Home Entertainment Ledger. I've never heard that that's because it's not true. That's why you've never heard it and I look a this is so profoundly fucking stupid. I can't even really get upset about it. I mean this this is like a a six year old kid coming up and saying something to you that made absolutely no sense. You can't get mad at the six year old kid. It's just a six year old kid and in this case I can't even get mad about it because it's just meltzer being meltzer Turner home. Entertainment was barely operating. Entity was more of a pass through and and existed only to take Turner content whether it'd be WCW National Geographic any of the cartoon network materials and distribute attribute them through a home video distribution network that they had developed that's all they were and to suggest that Hogan's salary owlry or salary for of a better term you'll though he wasn't employees independent contractor but simply stated to suggest that Hogan's income income is income were the responsibility and were born on the Turner home entertainment side of the books as just profoundly. Probably fucking stupid not true. Let's keep it rolling here. Your boy Van Hammer. His real name is mark. Tim I boy. Why is he by boy? I didn't hire that was dusty. Rhodes dusty Rhodes Levin Hammer. Nothing against obviously does he love Johnny Badge Desi so a lot of talented algae a Lotta people. But he wasn't. My Guy didn't hire him now. I kept around longer than I should. That was on me by hiring of my guy. Stop that. That's that's the Dave Meltzer in you. See that's what happens when I said your boy because the aim on on because he no showed star cast see. Nobody likes Van Hammer on no-show. WCW Do this. The Larry Story. I think you're GONNA love this. I'm GonNa read this word for word. For meltzer's account Van Hammer was arrested on to cancel possession of illegally prescribed. Drugs Hammer turned turned himself in a few weeks ago while also arrested Was Lawrenceville Georgia physician Bryan Billingham. Who wrote the prescriptions? No details details on what drugs were involved however the humorous part of the story was when W W was contacted in the newspaper. A spokesperson claimed Hammer Hatton worked for the company. In two years there was a guy who looked just like him who had the same name and unfortunately wrestle just like him on. TV A few weeks ago just before he he turned himself in. I don't know why but I found this fucking hysterical the WCW would say no. I had ordered two years because really and honestly why would anyone of even fucking notice I once again. This sounds to me because once again again you know it was an anonymous source or a representative. So there's no names involved. There's no way to verify it no way to check it no way to contact somebody say hey. Did this really happen happen it which is typical. That's that's the national enquirer ask Tone of the garbage that they've produces be the but if if let's just give him the benefit of the doubt gave the benefit of the doubt in this situation and assumed that perhaps it's true that individual that representative would have been and I I made a disadvantage here because Alan sharp who eventually became. You know our ahead of PR came into WCW. But I'm not sure if he was there right at this point it may have been later a ninety five so the timeline on in his employment as our PR. Spokesperson is clear to me. But if it wasn't Alan Sharp who by the way was a very very buttoned up guy former military guy straight up. I mean really really credible guy that would have never lied. He just because he took his career very very seriously. It was true pro. Love him to death. It was a great guy. Great Asset if it wasn't Alan Sharp it would have been Mike Weber so I can't imagine Mike Weber outlying in suggesting something like that so in either case assuming that Davis reporting was true it had to have been one of those two individuals. I just can't imagine either one of them being dumb enough Unprofessional enough to think that anybody would buy something especially a newspaper. Outlet is obviously looking for source material and wants credible information is going to do a little bit of research and say well wait a minute. He was just on TV two weeks ago. What do you mean he wasn't with you for the last two years? I mean that's a that's a hard hard one you know for anybody to buy if that were true and I just don't believe it was. I think it was more nonsense. Let's talk about where businesses sort of year over year air from ninety two ninety three ninety four and we'll take a look at like December which was most recent months or complete one. Your average average house show tendons during December nine hundred ninety two nine hundred and thirty fans in December of ninety three and down to six hundred and forty thirty in December of ninety-four. It's two thousand nine hundred and seventy. It's really remarkable. Because when you look back and you see sort of where everything is ninety two flares. Not here Hogan's here in ninety three flares here Hogan's not here in ninety four Hogan savage and flair. Here twenty nine seventy. It's it's unbelievable but that doesn't seem to affect act television ratings. Let's take a look at December again. December ninety two your average rating two point two similar ninety three two point zero the summer ninety four one point nine. You know you have been critical and I'm sure you have the data to support it especially when we read some of the smaller gates. The House shows effectively warrant Profitable for WCW but it does feel like you had tremendous growth when compared here to prior years but still not enough to you know great profit. Well I mean there's a reason for that and I think think it's on the surface the way you just kinda laid out that timeline. All of it was true. I I'm obviously accurate. Do Your Research and I'm sure it's true So one thing that Meltzer does do pretty well is a report on gates and revenues and things like that because that's relatively easy thing to do Doesn't it doesn't have to crack a sweat But to suggest for example. And when you said and I'm paraphrasing you now I don't remember exactly what you said but the fact of the ninety three Hogan was there but Rick Flair was but we were probably in you know the average attendance of seven hundred or whatever. The average gate was in attendance that it wasn't a reflection on ric flair. No I'm just saying the difference of flare in Hogan and Macho that now it feels like man you've got a lot of the major stars in the business at that point and you know we've sort of talked about Hogan being a game changer from an An ad sales standpoint point when guys are are reaching for their briefcase and they've got hulk Hogan I mean that's a really cool sort of trump card to pull out but the remarkable remarkable difference of sort of a pre Hogan WCW and a post token WCW. It's night and day in every metric. Yeah and and I think again I got to slow down here a little bit because I'm on my Eighth Cup of coffee. So one unhelpful. I'm not the only one unhealthy thing I do. But it is one of the unhealthy things. I do consume vast just copious amounts of caffeine. Especially when I know I'm doing doing this podcast Look the the attendance came up because the base rustling audience. I don't want to call them hardcore. But the active passionate most loyal professional wrestling fans certainly came out to the arenas us. But there's not enough of a base there at least there wasn't wcw at the time There wasn't enough of a base of that audios the US to have the same impact on a national television ratings. So in other words we could go to a local market in nineteen ninety two or ninety three when bill. Watts was basically the architect of the house. Show business and hold on one second this Brigham More Caffeine on number nine nine Conrad. I hope you're tied to the chair because this is gonNA be crazy. Oh here we go back in the eighties. It would have been another instrument to give me going in the morning but now it's caffeine good caffeine but just be. She looks so hot in the morning. It's just crazy But as I was saying there's there was enough of a base audience for example we would go to a the Hampton Virginia which is less city that you mentioned we're clash was supposed to be I guess take place. Well Hampton Virginia. You've got a pretty strong base of wrestling fans. When when that strong base of wrestling fans found out new or became aware that Hogan and savage and others around the card? Sure you're gonNA get a significant impact in terms of your your live gate but that didn't necessarily translate to the national television audience because WCW was cut off of everybody's radar. You're number two but we were. We might as well Aben number thirty two compared to to wwe. We were so insignificant to the National Television Audience That while the impact initial impact of Hogan and savage had a dramatic attic effect on how show business it had a it took a lot longer for the national television audience. Direct react in the same wait because of national television audience is probably eighty percent what I would refer to as peripheral fans meaning. They're not as passionate there now. Allies loyal. But Hey if I'm if I'm home and there was nothing else going on flipping through the channels. Yeah I'll watch wrestling. I kind of get a kick out of it but they don't really follow it week after week after week after week unless you give them a reason listen to we. Did you know ninety six ninety seven ninety eight but we were building that audience. So you're right. You know Hogan Nash. The other people that we brought in I think you know producing our shows and Disney increasing the production values. I think some of the stunts that we pulled it got a lot more mainstream media given WCW ever had ninety four ninety five. You know bringing in Shaquille O'Neal and you know some of the other celebrities that we worked with the cumulative effect of of all those things slowly began to grow the television audience but not at the same trajectory as we were enjoying in the live event side of our business. A moment ago you talked about bringing a national but you mean randy savage. I'm sorry yeah too too much coffee. No big deal. Let's time is getting go ahead of my brain. Here's one that I can pretty confident so your boy. Your boy John Leveque gave notice on January tenth he'd be leaving for the WWF the F.. Turning down a contract believed to be between fifteen hundred nineteen hundred dollars a week. Apparently Leveque decision was based on a track record of the WWF. Compared to W W will be when it comes to creating new stars and felt that even though WCW had plans to make him and Steven Regal the tag champs well Sherri as their manager feuding with the baby face Harlem Heat Ninety five that he takes his chances without guaranteed money since Titan is obviously going to be pushing new blood this year hard as it can accompany meetings..

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