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In order for the visiting New York Mets leading off in center field is branded Nimmo batting. Second rookie first baseman Pete Alonzo Robertson Cano the opening day hero for the Mets will hit third play. Second base hitting fourth is right fielder. Michael Conforto Wilson, rob host the buffalo. The catcher hits Beth batting sixty left field. Jeff McNeil shortstop up at Rosario city. Seven batting eighth. The third baseman JD Davis on the mound. Batting nights the Mets Noah Syndergaard the twenty six year old right hander as a three and five career record against the nationals in twelve starts. He's never wanted. This ballpark though with three with a five seventy nine. Era in five games Nimmo Alonzo canot Conforto Ramos McNeil Rosario Davison Syndergaard for the Mets for the nationals. Adam eat leaves off in right field hitting second is shortstop trae Turner, Anthony rent don't at third base will bat third batting fourth and playing left field. Juan Soto Ryan Saruman hitting fifth at first base. Batting sixth. Former catcher of the nationals. Now back with the nationals, Kurt Suzuki Zouqi. Batting six behind the plate hitting seventh is Bryant dosier. The second baseman batting gave his thirty year old right hander Stephen Strasburg eight and five and seventeen career starts against the bats to eighty three ERA one start against them last season, the loss here and batting ninth in centerfield. It's Victor row. Blaze. Get eaten turnaround on sotos Saruman Suzuki, dosier Strasbourg and robe blaze for the national Sarah Pires, Doug, adding his behind the plate Carlos Torres. And I Chris Conrad second with crew chief Bill Miller at third what a beautiful day for baseball middle game. This three. Game season opening series and with play by play. Here's Charlie slows. All right. Thank you very much. Dave good afternoon. Once again, everybody folks here at the ballpark receiving there in park lanyard radio solution to us courtesy of our flagship home one oh six seven the fan. In and out of the box. Get it on in. Listen to us here today. Strasbourg ready out of the stretch over the time delivers Brandon Nimmo looks at a first pitch. Fastball.

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