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Right right yeah and i know that in the last version of android i think it is because i just notice that my phone they added new feature for handling those scenarios which i'm guessing is so huge developer the receiver its this is the you received from google we're contacting you because you're at battery receiver package name blah blah blah is requesting android that permission debt bind accessibility services apps requesting accessibility services should only be used to help users with disabilities your must comply with our permissions policy and they prominent disclosure requirement of our data policy and if you don't do so within thirty days you'll be removed from the app store and if you abuse of from there your account be deactivated so on the one hand like i said this is an absolute security issue on the other hand people are using these apps are used to using these apps and with how popular and easy side loading is an android will people who want to lose joined just side load and is that a better or worse precedent than the giants security issue that exemplify this is the thing big department the exists ability ipr issues they are by definition eyeball who do everything the whole point allow you to promote the old and legitimately help users with disabilities you need that deep integration yet part has lost jutlandia success but if you're one of the big examples of seven lost could have very specific 'need for and they could cite all we want is the ability to type a password into somewhere else who's up reporting live with the web browser to be honest with you and then we baocai chase just give us that a will shot up with something like tara scar the whole point of people who have new targets why of so essentially doing all poultry tossed on your phone when this thing happens and they thing apples of this thing happens do this thing and it could millions of different actions i so you can tell when i walk back into my house alex off the five o'clock at night and i haven't started this application in the last four hours they've start these other application atop he's thinking to impress this bomb awhile.

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