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The giants the giants didn't get involved and didn't get Byron Jones so they turn to their secondary choice and acted quickly and ended up getting James Bradberry who most people had ranked as the second best cornerback on the free agent market this year the giants got him in for three years forty five million pretty good chunk of it thirty two million dollars guaranteed that was probably the top sales point for Breitbart's to join the giants so the two top free agents at the corner have come off the board and as of yet the eagles have not added a cornerback so bar to upgrade their roster during this says start of the free agency period I ego bad you get a chance to chime in and evaluate your general manager I don't want to make it all about the last we're five minutes short of twelve hours but basically since noon today it isn't just what how we Rossman has or hasn't done today but that position gets evaluated on a sliding scale from the day you get the job until the day you are fired much like the president of the United States who has an approval rating from the day they desired until the day duties voted out of office where would you rank how we Roseman's approval rating on a zero to ten scale right now I knowing full well the twenty four hours from now I may ask you to say question again say bad times a back channel tomorrow maybe how he's approval rating is actually gone up or gone down but I'm asking you it right now scale of zero to ten what would you give our heroes but as far as an approval rating goes and that's all of how he rose men's work since he got into the big chair as the eagles general manager hit me up on the telephone lines two one five five nine two.

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